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  • Kris described how this works - $50 to be a judge. Cool realtime voting display tech used last time.
  • Victoria sumbitted an item
  • Tyler says happening 1/27. Still looking for submissions and judges.
  • every submitter does a 5 minute pitch.
  • awesomites have one or maybe two weeks to join. No deadline set yet. Tyler will let us know.
  • awesomites donate the money; awesomers do the pitches.
  • let Tyler know at banker@awesomeshitbclub.com, also submissions@awesomeshitclub.com


  • Kris described how this works, then Derek arrived and gave more info.
  • makerspace main page
  • one attendee has started to build a mendel device - like a cupcake makerbot but with a larger build volume (200x200x400 mm). He also studied Maya last year so has good 3D s/w knowledge. Derek's lab has a mendel they've been struggling with and hopes to collaborate with the fellow.
  • Lisa asked about 3D scanners (wants to scan hands) - Derek mentioned there are laser scanner kits - $150 - HD webcam, laser, big white board, and some software. Camera builds a depth map on the computer. Also the makerbot can use a phone to project interference. Also Derek mentioned using a laser pointer and a ps3i webcam. Used to scan faces. His lab got a Kinect; another attendee is getting one for his birthday.


  • Kris needed to resolder 4 wires that had broken solder joints - and DID thanks to Derek bringing a soldering iron to the meeting.
  • Kris passed around his soldering badge he received from Mitch Altman
    • maybe make badges for speakers at IdeaWave conference
  • hackers on a plane - Nick Farr created this group. Pay x amount. Fly somewhere with other hackers and do something cool. Kris happened to be in Tokyo anyhow so went and met them as well as Mitch Altman. Mitch was giving soldering calsses - Kris already knew how to do it but took the class anyone.
  • The attached 9 pin serial adapter allows you to modify the firmware (frequencies and timing).

Brings you in at an alert frequency. Takes you down to a meditation frequency, then back up in 15 minutes. Freq sent to 4 outputs - one red led to each eye, one to each ear. Your eyes are closed but your brain will interpret in more colors, geometric designs, or the like. Can be intimidating. Do turn off if you feel uncomfortable. Don't do if you are epileptic. Unconvinced that the headphones do anything, more of a reference.

  • John decided to try it first in front of the group. It was entertaining hearing his commentary. ("Getting some greens & blues", "Nightclub scene", "freaky")

Ideas from the attendees

  • John Oughtred (twitter)- perfumed dryer sheets - maybe time-release capsule - rubber balls at Gentle Earth - hard wax filling - released into laundry - maybe new brand "DryerBalls" - new scent
  • Victoria Westcott (twitter) - "Locked In A Garage Band" movie - kickstarter funding; coming of age comedy - throwback to breakfast club or 6 candles. A bit more hope and depth. Set in 2010 in Victoria. See teaser on Kickstarter - give money and can get name placement and DVD. 10 grand executive3 producer credit. only 20 grand total budget. 10 day shoot. April 2011. Might end up shooting in vancouver. Victoria was a teacher, became a business person hiring teachers for London. Now helping w/the business side of the movie. Her sister is the screenwriter - a Praxis award-winner.
    • kickstarter - glyph minitripod - 75k$ - only needed 10k$. Anyone with an idea should consider kickstarter. Another independent film is going for 100K$. "Cube" was an indie canadian movie that was good. And maybe some gov funding.
    • any gov grant funding? Not trying for that. There are a lot of strings attached to that.
    • Kris mentioned a good Punk Math kickstarter project. Victoria knew about another math short video. Secret number between 3 and 4.
    • Kris mentioned that YouTube picks the exact middle minute of the video by default. Another fellow said you should be able to choose from a few. Or even upload a higher resolution thumbnail of your own choice.


  • Derek built his own open-source eeg device but this little Zeo device is much better. He wears a little headband and it tracks his state in one of four catagories.
  • is hackable via serial port. Can get data into a python program. Can try to train your brain to get into different states. Can read while sleeping, also can do realtime. Eye muscle movements are far stronger than brain waves so hard to use while givng a demo while you are chatting about it.
  • wants to try it with someone wearing Kris's BrainMachine and without.
  • He's trying to build a lucid dream trainer.
  • $160 is the cost of the item.
  • My Zeo


  • We should put up an air balloon like LASA
  • Lady that says Kris needs to lose eight, next to Planet Thai on Lo-Jo
  • Bring suica/t-money cards next week
  • Can we make payments with cell phones yet? bluetooth?
  • SMS payment system in Africa
  • A twitter feed to summarize lifehacker

"The ones who yell the loudest are the least helpful" - Gillian

For next week, try to create a qr code for your personal vcard on your phone (if you have one) or laptop/digital device.

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