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This project has officially become it's own entity. Check out the Awesome Shit Club

The below information is now just here for legacy reasons.

There will be two people, awesomites (those who judge ideas) and awesomers (those that submit ideas to the tribunal)


  • To get voting rights and be an awesomeite: You must put $50 in the pot, once you do, you get a vote. You lose your vote if you are absent. Up to 20 people can be judges for one event.
  • There will be a deadline for being a contributor, in order to get a voting right.
  • If there are no submissions, the awesomites and funding moves to the next event.
  • Awesomites will accept up to 10 of the submitted talks. There will be a deadline for when they must be submitted as well as accepted.


  • Awesomers must submit their talk in writing (using a submission template we are drafting), it will be reviewed by the awesomites. If approved, you will may present at the event. If you as the submitter can't be there for the event, you're out.

The event

  • Awesomers will have 5 minutes to present their idea in front of the awesomites.
  • After all presentations are done, awesomites will thumbs up or thumbs down each idea presented, the idea with the most thumbs up wins. In the event of a tie, there will be a 5 minute tie-breaker Q&A round that will end with another vote. In the case of a 2nd tie, it will result in a draw for short straws.
  • After each 5 minute talk, awesomites are permitted to ask questions, for up to 5 minutes after each talk.
  • Awesomeites will vote and winner gets granted the pooled Awesomeites money
  • A presenter can not be an awesomer during the same presentation.
  • When a presentation date is published, the awesomite funding date is provided, as well as the presenter submission deadline. They should be roughly 2 weeks, 3 weeks and end of the month respectively.
  • In the submission process, awesomite will post ETA. For whichever idea wins an event, that awesomite is to present again at the date of ETA they provided with an update on their idea (using the monies they won), and the results will be posted online.
  • If under 18, you'll need your parent or guardian present when you do your talk.
  • We have the right to refuse/reject/filter anything.
  • These rules can change at any time, without notice.