Victoria May23,2012

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  • Options, ideas, needs assessment and discussion about property upgrades and grants (CPLBC, E)
    • expansion of the building on the north side ,utilizing the area between the shed and the clubhouse ,and use that area as the locker room and the existing locker room as a storage area
    • do the kitchen and bathrooms only and have a good cleaning of the floor in the big room
    • official estimates provided for flooring of the whole building
    • outside painting of the two buildings
    • area in front of the shed should be paved
    • Rodent proof the Clubhouse.
    • Install water-efficient toilets.
    • Provide energy-efficient lighting throughout.
    • Provide more sun protection/ replace worn-out umbrellas.
    • Install public address system of microphone/ loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Practical Security Guides
  • Community programs; what's it like to work with them?
  • 9:00pm PST Skype in person to speak with open data and large datasets (deferred until next week - wifi :( )
  • Programmer shortage? (Hint: no) and why scientific management chases away programmers.


  • Practical Security Guides
    • Showed GPG guides on iPad
    • DITA as possible way of going from .doc --> .epub --> html
    • issues to work though in how to make guide visible; some bugs to work through
  • Contract with community groups
    • aim to insulate VIRCS et al from real estate transactions
    • services paid by referral fees of the buyer
    • working with community of people who have been through immigration process
    • settlement is incredibly hard problem/challenge
    • idea is to enable newcomers through enhanced service offerings that are tailored to them
  • Programmer shortage? (Hint: no) and why scientific management chases away programmers.
    • BC tech industry, 7-8 years ago, removed rights that high tech workers have to labour laws
    • rules that normally protect employees don't apply to high tech workers in BC
    • problems somewhat curtailed in EA spouse went public
    • the scientific management system encourages burnout, but programmers are smart enough to avoid crunch companies, and the result is that companies/gov't trying to bring in foreign workers (which will damage the supply/demand framework). Long-term consequence would be to prevent local competition for contracts and thus impose crunching across all companies
    • Lorne: similarities with animation industry
    • how do we represent small companies/programmers to improve labor standards?
    • what can local programmers offer over immigrant programmers