Victoria May09,2012

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  • Opportunities to network with other cities (Toronto and Boston are having meetups tonight)


  • Look at viability of a project to collect rain water which currently just goes down storm drains into sewers, and use for watering the lawn bowling green.
  • Create plan and pursue funding
  • Who pays for watering city parks now?
  • Health risks for sediment sitting in tanks and then becoming aerosolIzed(?) when sprayed out.
  • UVic's synthetic turf is for field hockey. The static charge of a ball moving on dry turf gives it a reverse spin... which is difficult to trap with a stick. A wet surface allows the ball to glide. Players also avoid turf burns when sliding. They use grey water, what holding and treatment system do they use?
  • YIMBY notes: can have a fire in a backyard if used for cooking