Victoria Jun20,2012

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  • iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry vs Windows Mobile/Phone (E)
  • Cloud vs Shared cloud vs Private cloud (E)
  • Hosted/private email services w/IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, WebDAV (E)
  • AngelHack (Seattle the only city left with tickets, anyone going?) (KC)
  • - post DIY-BIO conference in SFO, we're now on the global map (KC)
  • REclass - Instead of local, move to online? I have people interested in helping... (KC)
  • skype/HD video conference with another ideas group? Anyone have access to CANARIE (Chris P perhaps?) (KC)
  • Victoria vs Beachfires. (KM)
  • Bill C-11 passes. (KM)
  • Building relations with club - Ideas event at the club (KC) (meta/club business moved to end KM)
  • Ideas for other activities at the club (KC) (meta/club business moved to end KM)
  • Backup service regulations in Canada vs US, data retention policies? Furnish to Uncle Sam? (E)