Van May14,2015

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Attended: Kris, Steve, Nik, Ev, Chris, Rob, Anton

Intros: What an interesting/diverse group!

We talked about music as Chris makes music and has a home studio.

Binaural Beats discussion

Kris mentioned the community experience

Nik: has a page of music he's been making for over a decade (since Geocities)

Outside of intros, we spend most of the time talking about herbs/medicines, mostly Eastern, and nootropics. General consensus is that we should be pushing our minds, and our bodies.

Nik: Headed to NY for Weebly awards. Working on a C-51 paper with Steve Mann

Steve: Explained how D-Wave isn't doing quantum computing, but quantum annealing which is mostly a really fast sorting algorithm.

MAPS Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies