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You've been invited, or voluntarily wish to speak to the Yashy Idea Society. Most of the members use this wiki in some form or another. If you've not already been given a date to speak, feel free to add yourself to any date where there is not more than 2 speakers already. From there, you might also want to create a page about the subject you would be speaking on, that which you are passionate about. We are a very informal group, our discussion typically takes place at a pub over a pint. Once you've given your talk, you're invited to post a summary of your talk to the wiki as well, which will hopefully spark further discussion.

The date format we use is MonthDate,Year. For example, Nov20,2007. It is possible you would like to speak on a date that doesn't yet have a wiki entry, in which case just click "edit" as per the CreatePage instructions. Otherwise, if the page exists for that date, simply add your topic to the presentations list.