Peterborough Mar10,2014

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Last meeting's minutes for reference

7pm at the Spill - Ideas - Peterborough, the many faces meeting FB event


  • today's chair is Tammy - oops - double booked!! see last item...

Opening Items[edit]

  • opening statements to frame the meeting
  • round of introductions
    • adding ideas to the agenda
  • review chair duties
    • pick next chair

Updates from related initiatives[edit]

  • Makerspace
  • EC Power Plant Microcontroller group - happening March 11, 7pm, GreenUp (March break fun!)
  • Repair Cafe - now has a FB page
    • happened for the first time back on March 1
    • next event Saturday, April 5, 3-6pm - watch for a FB Event
  • Sew-cial
    • Sundays 12-5, GreenUp
    • a space where you can work on textile projects - big tables, some storage space stowing your equipment (if needed)
    • come and create together - maybe learn some stuff - bring your machine(s)
    • We've been loaned a serger and felting machine for all to use!
    • Found this similar initiative happening in the UK

New Ideas[edit]

Meta - Ideas about Ideas[edit]

Convergence of Awesome Ideas[edit]

Container Gardens[edit]

    • the gardener is responsible for delivering everything - water, air (good soil structure), nutrition
      • use a strawbale as a planter
      • grow potatoes in a burlap sac - start with 1' soil in the bottom to plant in then fill more dirt as plant grows - keep pushing greens up and new potatoes will sprout at each level.
      • growing wall with a pump system
      • herb and lettuce in pots
      • compost teas - does it have to be complicated or can you just mix some compost with some water
      • rubber snakes and owls to repel squirrels
      • Thomas say avoid plastic utensils and containers like the plaque


    • video segment - Mark is willing to try recording a pitch at the Spill
    • what about having Neil Morton as a guest speaker?
    • people find remembering to go to wiki a bother - need to put content under people's noses on Facebook and Twitter

Ways to help each other[edit]

    • how to find out about all the initiatives
    • how does one to stay abreast/ keep up/ find the stuff you liked
    • resume writing cafes


    • again talk of social services mapping

Ideas being carried forward[edit]

Next Chair[edit]

  • Tammy do-over