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  • Social Media pros/cons
  • Occupy Movement
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  • Introductions
  • Social Media in the Workforce - For illustrators and jobs that can be done online, people in North America can get the same work done cheaper and easier by people in India than they could by local artists. Top dollar work in the East is cheaper than mediocre work here. Counteract the online benefit by networking harder locally, build trust and relationships. No use paying for ads anymore. Why not move to Thailand and pay the cheap prices to live, then we could live in paradise for cheap, charge less than our American counterparts, and live the dream? Google+ is the new kid on the block to compete with FaceBook and LinkedIn. Most peoples' favourite section of the paper is "Letters to the Editor". Blogs and FB news is like this, but also has the benefit of creating an instant discussion while the topic is hot and relevant. If it's printed in a book or paper or on TV then "it must be true", but the same is not true for online articles because the barrier to publication is so low. But then again, how many facts in books are legit to begin with? Now when reading/viewing something in a magazine/TV, it's possible to go research more and verify legitimacy online, and find out more right away. Online social methods are quick ways of getting rid of the last two tickets of an almost sold out concert, with minimal effort (one tweet, or FB status update, etc).
  • The Occupy Victoria #occupy movement has somewhere around 60 tents in Centennial Square now. Many of the tents have turned into homeless shelters of sorts, "crack houses" and many other unrelated causes which are detracting from the main focus of the "Occupy ____" purpose. Often how uprisings like this go is based on how the passive bystanders perceive the actual protest and the people doing the protesting, as well as those bystanders' opinion of whether they even have influence or power to make the requested change, or if it is perceived as not possible. What IS the problem: people are cheating, and getting away with it! Meanwhile there are people that are irrecoverably poor and lost hope! Have we had it "hard" or "bad" enough yet, to be fed up with our current system? Are the people, those unhappy with the "system", following the rules themselves? Regardless, this protest is encouraging people to learn about things that they previously didn't know where happening, or know much about. It seems over the last 50 years we've become much more complacent, less active or contributing to things in general. Similarly, why vote, if they're all the same with a different face, does it even matter who wins, can one person make a difference? Is there anything worth fighting for? We've had it so good lately, this is better than our fore-fathers, so just enjoy it. When someone really does have a drastic experience of injustice, that is when they stand up for their rights; but with only minor problems, people rarely raise a fuss. Often, people taking part in the protest are following the pack, but unaware of what they want, or even the central theme they've joined. Josh Greenberg wrote a good article on the Occupy Wallstreet movement. The federal reserve has always had nearly $0 available to lend and gain interest, but near 2010 it spiked up to $1.6 trillion in available lending capital, which is currently building no interest, and helping nobody. There's a good documentary/video "Money is Debt" 47mins by Paul Greenio, and available on YouTube. Discussion ensued similarities and differences between Canada and USA lending and government. As a sovereign nation we have the right to print money; but we don't, we borrow money. This started in mid 1970's to counteract the rising inflation due to high percentage of workforce, and the value of savings was decreasing too quickly. Bank of Canada FAQ and Bank of Canada Act 1938 Movie: Inside Job (2010) Matt Damon, Charles Ferguson The USA took out large loans from France and other countries to ensure political and military protection against other countries including Britain. (reference?)
  • ASC V Date set for ASC V is Dec 5, 2011 at Fort St Cafe. Looking for AwesomITEs (judges) to contribute $50 by November 21, and all AwesomERs to submit their projects and ideas by November 28 for a chance to win $500-$1000. Tell your friends! You just write a 200 word email, possibly speak for 5 minutes, and you could walk away with up to $1000; it's real!