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  • ASC Voting system (DJ)



  • Kris - awesome shit club coming up Nov 5; submissions from Van & Seattle too. (on last day of November's mustache raised money for prostate cancer research)
  • Lauren - a bowler (lawn)
  • Vanessa - renovating her house. Chief laborer
  • Lorne did one last year - share horror storeis
  • Lisa - oracle DBA in california
  • Derek - computer bio person;
  • Simon - photographer - former Brit/France
  • Lisa2 - awesome shit club; joining again on Monday. found out of fb. volunteer with hertigage preservation.
  • Note: cow collective - organized by Kris - people going in on a local grass fed cow. Named Bill.
  • Jessie - change camp - vancouver. parents here; uvic alum. biz degree, coder & traveller, 2yrs back in vancouver; organizes 5 meetup groups.

startup is data stuff; crunching social data to help folks get to the right jobs for them.

Derek talked about using github data - Jessie is also doing that to identify influencers and n/w diagram, stackoverflow and others for devs.

  • Ernie - servers and n/w support in town.
  • Herb - opendatabc founder; hackthon and web developer

saturday big hackathon. vancouver and victoria[edit]

derek - how organizered also olio collective. starts w/brainstomerminga t 9 one hour then groups then pretty unstructured.bring a laptop and be preapred to type in data or whagever is left by the time your arrive. open data specifically 0 hacking it. building things apps visualizations. usually is govt releasing the open data these days. (what is a hacakthon per Kris request to describe for new folks) one hour asks folks what folks might like to tbuild w/data that may or may not be available. has a set of questions. folks generate ideas. have a vote with your feet. people dev for another hour or so. noon. lunch brought in . folks work until 4. show & tell. demos at 4 pm. this one is special. have had about 16 last year and a half. this one special as international. about 60 - 70 cities around the world. all continents, lots of countries. stats canada releasing data in February.

incl. FOI requests. mayb e going back in time even. awesome!

awesome shit club scoring[edit]

  • Derek - iclickers?
    • One time (maybe the first one?) he brought in a laptop and receiver station. rf device. 10-12 judges. brought in base station. gave each person clicker. could watch bar graphs in realtime.
    • only had yes or no. thumbs up or donw.
    • one challenge was did after every at end instead of after each talk.
    • wall sized bar graph Benjy to project onto a wall.
  • extension would be twitter feed. comments in realtime. laptop showing display. maybe with split screen. not nec as at end.
    • display at back is really for people at the back to see. if poss ya great to try.
    • backchannel used at some confs Derek's gone to lately. folks can ask questions.
    • livestream can chat into the event. ustream or livestream.awesome shit club.
    • red head on panel commentary displayed on the wall.
    • D would like that feedback as a presenter. More feedback. only now from judges. having another channel could be useful.
  • Lisa2 said she'd heard after the fact that Marg had some comments on her posted submission.
    • E & K took over so some hiccups in the standard process - submission were posted publicly. assumed all submitters could see. but really that is just an internal process.

discover tectoria[edit]

  • is a week from tomorrow 12/8. last minute thing got approached. 1500 entererpeners from Victoria. 1500 all attendees and hig shcool students. 3k total.
  • Dan approached K asking for quality idea content. ideawave. last minute tho. K has 2-4 pm stot. miniideawave. 6 already done before to give folks an idea what to expect. K picking out standouts. Lisa suggests Craig Carmichael, poetry lady.

Ian did did confirm. (Ian is approved for next year's ideawave - working on exciting new stuff.

  • D not giving same talk - some amalgam of hackerspace biospace.

big challenge is not to talk about about the same thing; should be a unique talk for ideawave.

    • hacking biology. already approved. not same as tedx.

last weekencd in Feb is ideawave.

  • tessa to put a makerspace booth. also at discovertectoria. hasn't decided if laser or touchtable.

living on a boat[edit]

  • k started sailing about 6 years ago. looked it up. can buy a boat as about same price as ottawa - and about same price as ottawa canal.
  • was going to buy a 26 footer. partner has motion sickness. 5 years later hasn't even been on a boat.
  • broken up so maybe back to the boat. finished his big contract last 4 years. can do anything.
  • wishes there was a site for awesome things people in his enviable situation could do.
  • simon & he talked about it. privacy & security. he's less excited about it than he was. when he left nortel - he was the expert. evertying else since is way less. needs something new & challenging.
  • should see if he has motion sickness.
  • D & E both have lived on boats. is it as romantic you think and can be cost effective.
  • Derek - 65 year old wooden boat. takes a lot of time to maintain. OTOH his fiberglass boat in SF - bought it for a song. cancer in no mntnce 5 years. guy in next door slip had diving check it out but basi ally ok. maybe 200$ more comfromatbale but low low cost.
    • D 2 weeks feb, 2 weeks eo dec. deal w/marina mgr. he looks the other way for live aborad fees. You, though, would have to pay. $215/mont + 200 live-aboard fee; 215 - water electricity.
    • has no holding tank - use dock facilities. 32 foot boat - comfortable for 2. propane cook stove. haul water in. ofr filter water from hose. campoing on a boat.
    • free at mooring buouy. not in inner harbor. but caddy bay can work. not in fancovery cause so many people became too crowded. brentwwod, past esquimalt.
    • one side of selkirk trestle is federal water. towards esqu on right. on left is nothing cause municipally regulated.
  • K was helping pick hops on saltspring. just inherited a boat. someone in caddy bay had it on a buoy. soemtiem people just abandon. scrape numbers off. person said could go a claim. claimed a 40 foot boat.
    • Lisa2 said she tried it once - rcmp excitement - former boat owner as well. camping thing. says go for it.
  • Ernie - off & on for 15 years. parents were commercial fisherman.
    • a sailboat is like an RV - can get really cold. Canadian winterized boat - make sure.
    • the other thing - gym membership - sauna, shower. grand has apool. swim instead.
    • things you think you need to have in a place you live - not necessarily true - no need to clean the shower.
    • one room neat if by yourself. can let it get out of hand & messy. But taking the boat out forces you to keep it clean.
    • bedroom and kitchen on boat is different than same two rooms in your house.
    • If you can, do it. he still wants to do it again.
    • car if it breaks down, can pull over. house, can wait. boat - you must deal with right wasay.
    • Lisa2 - can you take apart a diesel engine in the dark?
    • Ernie make sure you have heat. not nec need engine.
    • Derek - Caddy bay is not a safe winter anchorage. living aboard on winter - radiator style oil electric heaters. flat rate power charge. uses two. cannot do on mooring buoy.
    • Kris - what about internet? Derek had good luck one time on wharf street. hung a big antennae but depends on line-of-sight. gatsby. so cannot now pull it. cable to antennae isn't long enough.

co-working spaces[edit]

  • [Kris brought it up here a few years ago. this year got a little bit of legs but maybe find a space. guy who owned the rock bay bldg high tech viatec founder entrepeneur. $300/head which would be do-able, but ended up being 400-425 head. work from home types wouldn't want to ante up the extra $100.
    • Jessie irap - industrial research place. subsidized. $100 / head. "Hot desk" model. Can oversubscribe and still works.
      • brought in investor etc. mentors. organization: "boot up labs".
      • got funding from IRAP. then BCIC kicked in some money as well. Danny Mora. got to be too much for Mora. Gov't still pusing it. boot-up Grage.
    • Derek knows local irap person. sheri also better than derek. find out who ran it there. Riz is the Vancouver guy. 200 reps across canada. 20 or so in vancouver maybe 10. you have an agreement with that one that fits your industry and temperament.
    • he twice used money to build & sell companies. Did not try NSERC. is more for students.
    • funny thing for boot up garage - salary for run it, salary for developer. But also a position for a person to handle all the forms required by the government for the funding.

collaboration amongst cities[edit]

opportunity while Jessie from Vancouver here; collab amongst cities. duplicate efforts? e.g.: hackathons, ASC here ? in Vancouver: data visulations, Haskell, tech co-founders, lead start up meetup, pick up soccer. Kris mentioned his friend Katie has started street soccer in Victoria. huge homeless poverty issue. everybody is welcome to come & play. Is becoming a big movement.

David Eaves started this weekend int'l Hackathon.

sharing speakers at least would be good. boot up gragage had a paper-wranger. Jeff Magnassen and Sonia doing papers. gov't funding camuson/uvic/viatec parntership - thomas' wife retaking over accounting. 6 months lead time. talk w/ITA before xmas. don't write down until talk with them. april 2nd all teh money will be gone. BCIC is a littel different.looking to fund larger projects. distrubited throughtut the year. still 3-5 months lead time rts. science for people in school level. have been tight on moeny and overextedned. ?V open to? open but not exactly. like hot desks but really daily interaction. so want people who mesh well. Go out for drinks & see if overlap or complementary. web design, viceo. video still lookinng for.

so people you'd want to work with.

D's valut - thick walls no windows. not easy to soundproof. super ear guy checking out all the sounds. christina has wordworking shop upstaris. rock bay square. big place has media one steve nash's medai arm. Really nice suite. wants to set up a co-working space to do instead of just at home so can socialize with a few other people too. across the street from casablanca.

moon under water - new brew pub where you go up and get your own beer. had challengs through city council. was driving around there looking for a courier. prima stratta at the other end. slowly gentryfing. city council has a vision.

service offering Vanessa's been thinking about.[edit]

who enjoys shppoing? clothers? xmas? woman in attenbooguh.

keep track of all the bdays and what eg a 5 year old boy would like for a bday.  Or find a specif gift.
a little service where you maybe find a few options for someone.  doesn't know biz model in attendborouhg.
 flat rate, or ?
K - internet shopping. cookie drop.  even a gluten free cookie.  just launched already sold out for the moth.

man in a suit on a bicycle. drops off the cookies.

p/u dry cleaning, conceierge service.

microsoft dath march. chinatown concierge service for xmas. feature of circumvent shipping secretly and having to be home, etc. Derek would pay $20 to get for a five year old. would be willing to pay but how know if conceierge would know what to get. Unique Selling Propostiion. people could tell her wish lists. e.g. a local craft person who doesn' have an oline site. food delivery - great food local but way more expensive to be raltional. spuds. was really spendy. local connection food, crafts, continuous. lots of YUPPEAT. send you a manu each day. pick up at gorcery store. pay for it onlne. everything you need to make a specific meal. foodtree. lots of food-related startups in vancovuer. Vancouver Island Slow Food Network. really good n/w of local organic. Niagara Grocery in James Bay. Homeless people maybe delivery food. Cheap produce on chdap side of Vanouver. Food security. Soemwhat fear based. cold storage in broccoli 3 days => specific nutrient content dropoff 60%. slow food not fear-based actually. one woman only east stuff she knows where it came from. fair trade or not. how do they care about there animals. how they treat their animals. Michael Pollen book. Animal Vegetable Miracle book. (the anthocyanins in blueberries luckily do not drop off with storage - or even with freezing)

TEDx women tomorrow[edit]

simulcast of main conf. Not local speakers. Being done in L.A. Sheri Morie. At ECS 660 8-5. suggested doantion $5/session. not streaming online - just to licensed sites. Sheri got one.

makerspace classes[edit]

  • forge class. only one spot left. Vanessa says pencil her in.
  nancy teaching classes.  Tools to makerspace.  she'll teach a class every month or two.
 will start bio in January.
 Kris will some time John Adair to all grain brewing class.  beer from scratch.  NOT kit beer.  5-6 hour.  can make it taste how you want exactly.  realy cheap to do.  kegerator.  old keg gridge is at the makerspace.  dremmeled out door and put in touch screen two ddr mates at china.  open source DDR.  can play DDR off of the keg gridge.
mame - emulator.  downloaded first 6600 games.  DDinebriation. miss step drink or miss step DON'T drink!
had simon sez off of it.  
  • main location in cental saanich out by elk lake; new space in rock bay square.
pay for play classes on calendar?
 when Kris created calendar gets lots of submissions.  rule is must be fre - filter.  Better to fileter in cool.
Kris should curate.  None of Derek's stuff on there.  Kris can do this as he is the Curator of Coolness.
 tags?  same discussion as last time.  has 5 calendars going.  
    • one is free local community events.
    • one is victoria environmental events.
    • one is victoria arts community events
    • libations calendar.
 creating them for people if there are 10 who will commit to posting events on them.
too few events not good; too many better than too few.  most people want a  way to filter.  so he's created multiples.  maybe ICS filter hakathon project.
geek events one.
rss feed google calendar then he can aggregate it himself.
 free comm events is populated.
 ics of makerspace - add to list of things to filter from.

- all grain class (see above) - free school project - free knowledge at solstice cafe in victoria - university level classes for free wayward school also in that space. should facilitate some dicsussion amongst these camps. Kris will do an education calendar.

ad uvic/camosun day classes maybe.  maybe restrict to just day class type of classes.

free knowledge tho does 9 classes. maybe person has to show up at ideas meeting.

  • Makerspace is hosting a no-charge drop-in night out in Saanich (wood shop, metal shop, etc.) on Tuesday evenings, and on Thursdays at the downtown location (electronics & biology).

so, open house makerspace on the free community events calendar ok.

hackathon - sponsors - K last Van startup weekend. jsut had one. fileld up quickly. a really exciting thing. all weeend session. no liit there for open data. more enter startup focus. K wants to do wone in January a n all weekend thing. starutp-weekend thing. Run by seattle folks start-up weekend model. get faiclites. beerNcode - out of Seattle as well. Abebooks would be interested in sponsoring. maybe hiring in Victoria - maybe have hackathon there.

ECCS 660 at uvic room also available with notice. could hold 60 persons. near cafeteria. Abeboks easy 60. maybe 100 if needed to.

Olio's is a screen printing collective - $5 year + $5 / hour to use studio. $95 four classes how to use the equipment if you don't already know how. If you do, you can get checked out on it, then bypass needing to take the class & instead go straight to using the equipment.

talkcheap record store. silkscreen press upstairs also. Duane. Tiemman. D doesn't want to infringe on Olio's. enoying seeing other folks' projects. he's silkscreening onto the wood book covers. ordering parts for arduino classes. temp control circuit. beer fridge circuit. PID controller. keeps a set temperature. display panel and input device. johnson temp controllers popular amongst beer nerds in ottawa says Kris. Derek points out that this is not about buying a unit, rather about how to program an arduino. yogurt more of a pattern 6 hrs at x then drop etc. total costs low - parts and solder them yourself. lilypad arduino variation - make design, screen print, then wire it together. awesome. Febrary. oxytocin molecule spikes on minute by minute basis. cheek piercing mood color changing geek out.

startup is somewhat just an excuse. how license and ins etc. commercial space all a challenge. had too many toys for boat. gave farmhouse. radonm guy. excuse is biosensors for detecting inflammation. had a gout problem. would send to doc to measure levels. but once a month too infrequent. found a microfluidic meter that told him. replaced with lentils. tighter the feedback the better. interleukins, cortisone, salivary iga. now need lab testing. if can test as easily as blood glucose, could get better, more actionable results. playing w/electrochemistry reversible binding.

skills collaboration[edit]

one more thing from Kris; he attended two conferences in Vancouver last week. The frist one was a gov't who's who - InnovateBC The next day was change camp. At the first, he sat next to a woman named Tamara and exchanged friendly pleasantries. turns out hshe's the keynote van city. 500 top social innovator. heard about change camp there, managed to get in the next day to taht. start in morning with visionary types how the future should look. picked four sessions - 2 at lunch, mini at lunch, 2 in afternoon. food sustainability. physical games for a social good. role playing more than just soccer in the street. man hunt street game. run by his buddy eric. once a month.

pick a spot.  meet at x at 7.  1200 people in fb goupr.  over 100 people show up.  uyelllow armband must stay visible.
6 blocks perimeter.  go.  rock paper scissors.  if lose stay, if win, run like a mofo.
last two - last one try to touch last one.  Big Kid tag.

collab with skill sets. was in a session currency without money. one woman for a decade. some people online who pull it off.

could you really barter - what do you really need.

we have no idea of our skill sets that others could use. organize an event, privacy more niche. how docuemnt

in such a way to fac ilitate this. 

Simon trades all the time. barter site. removing anit virus. charge by the job vs by the hourly rate. training time as a funciton of execution time.

say $100 - computer tech support - gets you x from Kris or y from high school grad.

Vanessa suggests the name The utility is primarily having the list of skills people have - including ones that might not readily come to mind.