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  • Order beer
  • Updates on Projects
  • Presentations


  • Mirror Mirror image consulting will be presenting and answering questions
  • Discussion on "social currency"


These are the loosely noted minutes, feel free to edit if you attended.

  • We judge each other the moment we first see each other. When looking at pants, people prefer dark wash & straight legged
  • We will formulate a plan to contact the head of various UVic faculties to speak
  • It was suggested we are a grassroots think tank
  • It was brought to the table if we should incorporate spanking as the masons do. Like most things, this makes sense in context.
  • Any non-commercial organization can use this wiki to provide information about their organization, as long as they agree to allow discussion on the subject, and there is no link to buy. (A link can be provided to the organization's website)
  • Model Mayhem is a website for non-commercial models/photographers
  • A talk was requested, "How to start a social group"
  • Open question to the society, what talks would you like to hear?
  • The last member to get to the table is the secretary (minute taker) for the night.
  • At the end we brought up the idea of keeping the discussion groups to 6 people. So if there are 8+ people, the other two would start a new table, for example. This will be discussed on the mailing list.
  • The speaker should sit at the head of the table to maximize voice projection. Up to 9 people should be able to sit at our reserved two table space
  • We will send the manager a thank you card, for making us one of two groups that gets reserved table seating, and the only group to get "Happy hour" outside the scheduled time.