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Meeting Minutes[edit]

Tonight's meeting followed Victoria's Green Drinks meeting. An update on the municipal mesh networking project, the meraki units are not ready for prime time yet. Also, we attended the city hall planning for the downtown core and an update was provided.

User:Earthling spoke about EarthChurch.

A manager from Victoria Car Share Co-op came and spoke about their program. The summary is $400 deposit, $10/monthly and 2.55/hr and $0.38/km when using a vehicle. The fleet consists of ten cars, two trucks and a minivan, and 9 or 10 more vehicles will be added in the new year as part of a deal with dockside green. Vehicle maintenance, repairs, cleaning, insurance, administration, and even fuel is provided by the co-op.

We went slightly off-topic at this stage and into general discussion. Mostly about:

  • XO Giving Between November 12 and November 26, OLPC is offering a Give One Get One program in the United States and Canada.
  • Population control; should we start to limit it, or do we benefit from more intelligent people being born to join the intelligent people collective.
  • Ideals; instead of happiness, perhaps "being present" is what really matters.

The URLs that were mentioned:

  • CouchSurfing is a free international Internet-based hospitality service, and currently the largest hospitality exchange network.
  • WWOOF organizations compile a list of organic Host farms that (from time to time) welcome volunteer help. There were two negative experiences shared, but it was agreed that in order to appreciate the good you have to have the bad :)
  • Global free loaders The Worldwide Free Accommodation Network.