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  • Quarterly ideas hackathon
  • Parent group of awesome
  • Open source backup software
  • CalDAV / CardDAV client software and servers
  • "Private IP / proxy / anonymizer" utility for Linux (Windows equivalents: IP Privacy Tools Hide My IP)
  • Socket Programming
  • Diet Supplements
  • Black Tie Dinner II
  • Daily English tweet
  • Settlers of Catan night
  • Shared openid? our own diaspora?
  • Geek biz


  • Herb and Kevin to start a non-profit around hackathons
  • A briefing note provided to bureaucrats give them the ability to show their superiors, as well as demonstrating your due diligence (short, simple, effective (to the point))
  • What's in it for me a s 9-5er?
  • Hackathon: Nov 20th in Surrey
  • Dec 3rd in Victoria - International Hackathon - here in Victoria
  • Land titles and registry feel they're a business, but they're not. Why are they charging the 900 pennies? Isn't it worth us to sell more property in BC? We make a lot more per sale... (just the search data/read data is wanted as open data, not the write data)
  • startup vancouver
  • UVic: comp sci, PR, Industry Relations
  • Name brand judges they can showcase too
  • No one from Viatec attended the hackathon at Viatec
  • Middle of January
  • Date, Venue, two sentence ask (1024 x 768 jpeg to go on the monitors)
  • Derek, Ernie & Chris - sent them draft
  • Have a clear tie to PR for funding from UVic
  • Talk to Danella about the Western Canada Technology Commercialization Alliance
  • Current board: Sherry, Sherry's accountant, Will, Derek
  • Charity rules changing in Canada, and not grandfathered in
  • Social good / Education basis
  • Giving time as charity, you pay the 12% tax on top
  • Personal taxes (food - $1200)
  • Americans always name their acts completely opposite of what they do. ie US Patriot Act
  • KOrganizer
  • FoxyProxy
  • Get notification from snort/IDS when session key changes IRC
  • CRL or OCSP in tor browser? Is silk road safe to visit?