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  • Hegemony of .com (Kris & Kevin)
  • IdeaWave launch party output (Kris)
  • 3G packet sniffing (Kris)
  • Calendar project (Kris)
  • Make a browser plug that makes these Privacy International regexp's actually happen (Kris)
  • co-working space (Kris)
  • instead of a tweet how about a peep. It works like twitter only it's video, with limited footage; peeper (Catherine)
  • instead of an ear plug how about an ear cap. I hate sticking things in my ear and would rather have some sort of ear cover for listening. (Catherine)
  • Municipedia (Herb)


  • When DNSSEC is implemented, the US has full control of DNS infrastructure. Canada's (or any nation state's) backup of using an alt-root disappears
  • Roja Directa legal in Canada, and Spain, but the US has shut it down
  • would be illegal
  • The Tax Collector's bible
  • IdeaWave
  • Find out free/open recreations/sports facilities
  • Nathan: Mobile websites
  • Kris, Kevin and Herb to talk to Catherine about Peeper, an app that allows people to quickly post short 10 second video clips (like Twitter but for videos), and then show thumbnail images for viewers to get a summary of posted video clips and easily find interesting ones to watch. A website that does something similar, but for adult related material, can be seen at the following link, ATTENTION THIS LINK IS NSFW: