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Start at 8pm!

  • Independent media
  • RFID chipping of the population
    • Is it likely?
    • How can we profit from it?
    • Is this a good candidate for a makerspace project
    • Definition of research - note it's about quality, not quantity or gut instinct.
  • Island Cabin Hack-a-Thon
  • Mental health in BC - What if a doctor diagnoses you as requiring medication, what process is available to challenge this?
  • RF/MW radiation concerns
  • VirtualWave (in camera)
  • ContractorScheduler (in camera)
  • Buying Media (in camera)
  • The great Johnson flood
  • IdeaWave student scholarship plaques
  • ALPR
  • Tech podcast



  • David, Kris, Jay, Kevin, Larry, Dylon, Ernie, Heather, Nancy, Rob, Kurt

The Great Johnson Flood[edit]

  • Kris had 2 days to get hops from old space to new space
  • Cut through condo building irrigation system pipe digging new ground for hops space
  • Irrigation system kicks on overnight through busted pipe for an hour
  • Pushed out dirt into hops container
  • Hops may survive

IdeaWave student scholarship plaques[edit]

  • Gave out 5 scholarships at last ideawave in February
  • One student has high school graduation ceremony June 1
  • Would be nice to have a custom idea, something made by Makerspace
  • Kris check makerspace -- laser cutter is getting pretty good with marble and granite
  • We can get a traditional plaque made within a week
  • Matrix Marble in Duncan might have what we're looking for
  • Vancouver Island Slate - geological slate from Vancouver Island
  • Maybe a flat beach rock
  • Kevin has a diamond cutter and a flat polisher

ALPR Update[edit]

  • Rob did connect with Chris with updates to FOI questions and requests for documentation
  • Rob can supply anyone with the document for feedback
  • Rob will call and submit to both provincial and federal privacy commissioners, RCMP, Victoria Police
  • BC Civil Liberties will try to partner with us for a press release
  • Kurt needs Kevin's video to run as test data through the system
  • lumenera high performance facial and body recognition
  • Identix (former visionics)
  • Another company Visiphor (former Imigis)
  • Kurt would like to pilot facial recognition as well -- Kurt to do some research on facial recognition
  • FOI could take a while, but officially it's 30 days, so let's be ready for a demo in 30 days
  • Our ALPR demo/research is a template for other kinds of technological/investigative approaches to other kinds of surveillance
  • Potential for benefit is outweighed for potential for abuse, what is the best balance
  • There is a shift where the government is becoming more and more secretive where Freedom of Information requests are getting slower and slower
  • Kris will Rob give a virtual introduction to Darrell Evans BC FIPA
  • Follow the money as to who's driving technological invasions of privacy
  • DDoS of Freedom of Information requests -- have lots and lots of requests
  • Herb would have some ideas about opening up government data

In Camera Discussions[edit]

  • VirtualWave
  • ContractorScheduler
  • Buying Media

Mental Health in BC[edit]

  • In BC you can be put into care under medication for the protection of you or others or might be subject to mental deterioration (see Sections 22, 25 and 39 of BC Mental Health Act)
  • BC Mental Health Act
  • Mental disability pays better than welfare
  • If a person has a mental health issue, the police can pick you up without charge, and a doctor can put you into care
    • Normally a doctor would issue a form 4 and get you picked up, or a nurse and social worker, for 48 hours can keep you in care, and then a doctor needs a sign-off.
    • There is no legal criteria for what constitutes a psychiatric examination
    • The requirements are very loose
  • The political problem -- the only people that learn about it: 2 groups - 1. if you are victimized by it 2. if you are trying to victimize someone with it -- so either the person affected or the family of the person being put under forced care and medication
  • People have bought into the biochemical model, although the evidence of the efficacy of psychotropic medication treatments is either very weak or shown to be less effective than other alternatives (no medication, or other forms of treatment)
  • How can you change this model?
    • In the Yukon
      • took away the forced treatment
      • if you are an immediate physical danger, you can only incarcerated but not treated
      • a person can provide advanced directives as to what treatment they would accept in given situations
  • Roger Whitaker's talk about Anatomy of an Epidemic is that when people are treated with drugs (anti-depressant or anti-psychotic) then they are more vulnerable to re-occurence
  • People who have been protesting about mental health act want a different protocol
  • Medication at the first intervention is not the best idea -- better to see if they come out of their state on their own
  • These cases are not publicized
  • Families are often supporters of existing legislation
  • Precedent cases are hard to come by partly because if you say you are actually not crazy then you are not technically challenging the legislation
  • What to do?
    • write your own "What to do when I'm crazy directions" My own advanced directive
    • The advanced directive would be something that could challenge the existing law if it was not followed
    • If you are held under the mental health act then your options for outside contact are limited since you haven't been arrested (so access to lawyer is not required)
    • BCAA group for being crazy, roadside assistance, number to call, or something like [Seattle Solidarity Network], support group to call
    • Rosa Parks moment: Change policy by having piece of paper to challenge existing mental health process when it goes awry
    • Case where someone has been put away for political reasons, there is no legitimate definition of crazy
    • Protest Against Protest Craziness Protest
    • Perhaps look to marginalized people who must take medication to receive mental health disability (which pays better than regular welfare or disability) -- a living wage that provides for healthy food
    • Together Against Poverty Society has advocacy for those with mental issues who need help
    • Mental Health Law Program only gov't funded program to represent involuntarily committed
    • MHLP
  • Conclusion: Start a "Write my own advanced directive" campaign
  • Book: Not in our Genes about the subjectivity of intelligence
  • Book: The Tyranny of Kindness about how non-profits don't provide justice in their attempts at charity

Tech podcast[edit]

  • There are lots of podcasts out there such as This Is My Next
  • Areas of interest
    • Sustainability, such as of a product such as a Dell laptop
    • What does sustainability mean?
    • What does it mean to build in a sustainable framework
    • The tech industry basically ignores sustainable products
    • CNET has a sustainable green technology
  • How could we take that idea or make it better?
    • Critical reviews of product reviews
    • Video may be better than audio
    • Reviews, such as what is the car that is completely hackable
    • Written component has value
  • the show with ze frank example of a video blog
  • The Story of Stuff Electronics example
  • Focus on the content and let the community grow naturally
  • Answer questions like: What are the parameters that make this device sustainable and what makes it poorly sustainable

Moved to June01,2011 Meeting[edit]

  • RFID chipping of the population
  • RF/MW radiation concerns
  • Conspiracy Conference
  • Independent Media