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  • Independent media
  • Co-working space
  • Urban gardening
  • Registration process. Not everyone is on Facebook, perhaps we can have a form for new people, if they want notifications via:
  • ALPR
    • press release
  • Protest Against Protests
    • puppet
  • Mini-bill cards - Do want want cards made all of URLs on them? ie. for Ideas, ASC, Makerspace and IdeaWave on them so we can hand them out? Would you pitch in $10 for this?


  • Attending: Scott, Jamie, Evan, Kris, Heather, Nancy, Kevin, Kurt and others
  • Pre-meeting discussion

wifi in schools[edit]

  • School Disctrict 61 documents
  • Discussion tabled for lack of reliable scientific evidence
  • Heather committed to providing evidence to Kris that t-shirts at Walmart have embedded RFID

Meeting Plans NOTE 8 pm until August 17[edit]

  • Meeting starts at 8 pm until August 17
  • Update calendar to show 8 pm time

Independent media[edit]

  • Tabled to next meeting as no-one to bring the discussion forward

Co-working space[edit]

  • Not really a good space that's not a bedroom to work for nomadic workers
  • Other cities have co-working spaces
  • Evan is trying to either find or create a co-working space. Contact Evan Willms 250.661.6401 - may be good to start cheap and small and grow
  • Principles: collaboration, community and openness
  • Two people at Victoria Real Estate Board are actively looking for a space and possible subsidies
  • There is a co-working space in Rock Bay--there is high turnover--most either find it too expensive or use it to start up a company and then get too large - Jamie may be able to find out who
  • Raincoast Business Centre - but those are offices -- so not a social environment
  • Datatech at Quadra and McKenzie, Evergreen at Borden and McKenzie
  • There are others who are looking for this kind of space
  • Goal is less $300 for anytime access to a co-working space
  • Some have a full-time and/or drop-in rates
  • Model could be co-op, non-profit, or corporate
  • Co-op model means that people have more individual buy-in
  • UVic has Centre for co-operative studies

Urban Gardening[edit]

  • Looking for shared garden spaces
  • Lifecycles gardens life-cycles sharing backyards
  • Oak bay limits the size of your garden
  • Balcony farm
  • Kris' hops are growing 1 foot/day--looking to move his hops to his ultra-modern condo
  • Island Grains
  • Chickens - crackdown on urban agriculture - Rules changed passed as food safety, only industrial agriculture is ok - so that birds, chickens, turkeys - all animals can't be slaughtered on your farm, they have to be slaughtered elsewhere. Local farmers are not raising animals because it's not cost-effective to ship animals to Vancouver to be slaughtered. As opposed to open-air slaughter as show in Food Inc.. People are not raising chickens.
  • Illegal milk runs in Vancouver - the industrial food lobby doesn't want us to have locally raised animals
  • Do-it-yourself slaughter your own live chicken
  • What grows quickly that you can harvest regularly: get planters that are designed for balconies (boxes): spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, peas, rosemary, oregano, radishes
  • You cannot grow strawberries from seeds, need to get the stolons
  • UN Agenda 21 on sustainable development

Registration Process for Ideas Meeting[edit]

  • Not everyone on Facebook, twitter
  • Maybe have a form for meetings so that we can know for meetings what is the best way to access/notify people about meetings times and changes - let's have a sign-up form
  • Mediawiki hook and a facebook hook
  • Ryan Steele had set up a way to amalgamate different contact methods for ideas vic - Kris for contact


  • Kris part of Privacy and Access Committee for BC Civil Liberties Association
  • BC Civil Liberties does have an issue with all the surveillance taking place
  • Within 100 days no more will the government will need warrant or subpoenas to gather information from private companies
  • Kris talked to director for policy for BCCLA - if we do the ALPR demo, they can do a joint release
  • We need to make the demo polished as well as sooner rather than later
  • Kevin to provide Kurt with sample video to run through the ALPR software
  • Kurt will optimize the software so that it can be run from a laptop and provide reliable real-time recognition of a video stream
  • Once the software is set up and working we'll make a day of collecting data

Protest Against Protests/Protest To End Protests[edit]

  • Puppet with protesters
  • Accountability - we now civilian oversight
  • Mocking protesters, not going against the police


  • Possibility of Awesome Shit Club going into schools
  • Mini-bill card with the list of projects associated with the ideas club
  • 500 for $50
  • Promotion of ideas meetings by mini-bills
  • Mini-bills may be too large to carry in a wallet
  • website is available

Island Hack-a-thon[edit]

  • Some island cabins are available from friends
  • Could we set up a hack-a-thon at one of these cabins?
  • What could we work on for two days
  • Others skills besides programming could be useful