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Reminder: If you've been to an ideas meeting more than three times, you're expected to be a club member ($30/year social or $150/year full). If not, please pay $5 "drop in" per visit. If you've never been before, guests are welcome!



Mike, Derrick, Alex, Joe, Kevin, Kris

Phonegap -- The Easy way[edit]

  • Go to: Phonegap's first project
  • Download the zip file -- This is all you really need so start!
  • Edit the index.html and replace the words "
    PhoneGap Training App
    " with "
    Ideas MeetingGap Training App
    " to see how your changes will take effect
  • Go to: Online phonegap build
  • Create a new app
  • Name is something, like myFirst
  • Enable debugging
  • Make app private
  • Upload an archive or index.html file
  • Upload the zip file you downloaded above, but with the newly edited html included
  • Wait a few minutes until the links are blue, then you can download your new app!