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  • Bitcoin discussion
  • Is there a limit in Canada that banks have to have in reserve compared to what they loan? in 1992 it appears to have went to 0?
  • Bumped CHMC's limit because of US economy
  • Complaint driven report system for privacy
  • Vancouver CCTV cameras doing facial recognition
  • Police cars in BC doing facial recognition
  • Victoria police doing ALPR (automatic licence plate recognition) which logs all platers for 3 months
  • A company version of Facebook - who owns the companies? The social graph of board executives. (and subsidiary companies)
  • Take company data, overlay it over the board executive social graph
  • The revolving door in the US
  • Create a standard template on wikipedia
  • Corporations Canada search for "inc" and you get +413k corporations, scrape the directors?
  • Eurion constellation With things that this logo exists on won't get copied or printed on certain devices