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  • Talked about the Times-Colonist: City editor and Editor in Chief leaving/left
  • embedded journalism
  • Where's the investigative journalism
  • #yyj Twestival tomorrow
  • TED talk martini party email Friday at 7pm
  • Awesome Shit Club moving to the last Wednesday of April (27th) - 14 awesomites right now
    • Rob mentioned we need contact info, for references
  • Kris read about MBEST app
  • Rob presented an idea about a newswire for all non-profits
  • Kurt with an idea based off the book cryptonomicon - how can 2 people communicate with compromised cell phones. QR codes using onion layers?
  • Kinjoe from Allison who is not here!
  • Mozilla Glow watch in real time as people download firefox
  • ViaTEC discussion: highly polarized discussion
  • discussion
    • Rogers has no image to discuss
    • Rogers blocking World of Warcraft for using P2P... another legal usage of technology that saves their pipes being throttled
    • Shaw charges a premium to open port 25 (SMTP)
    • Telcos have a loophole so they don't have to disclose hardware depreciation (capital expenditures)
    • Use twitter, not email or contact forms for contacting such organizations; it's on public record so they actually respond, and in a timely manner. Without such pressure, emails, phone calls and forms are often ignored or not respected.