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  • Order beer
  • Meeting will begin at 19:00, after Green Drinks monthly event (which is from 17:00-19:00)


Visitor's website

Another visitor's web hosting company

  • $80/year
  • 300M
  • 1000m/month

Pirate_drive-in existed locally

  • One member said you should have your head facing north when sleeping, so the blood goes to your head because of magnetic pull. This must be the opposite in the Southern hemisphere.
  • One member challenged us to create a lightweight portable hammock stand holds 300 lbs. a local real ale advocacy group

W3 Validator Type your website into this one, and see how proper/accessible your website is


invention technology company (money!) living to work or working to live

  • work hard for more money

from that you can buy a faster car that you don't drive faster

president says "go shop " immediately after 911

we live in a culture of consumption

social status - tie to life longevity

social status - is not class

There are other means to increase ones social status other than money:

  • respect of your peers
  • stable social networks
  • leisure time
  • stable health care
  • social safety net

THESE are measure of success of your children and life expectancy

money can create negative impacts unlike the others

  • How much you walk is the biggest determinant of your health

with no skills in Canada:

  • work in the oil fields of Alberta or Yellowknife
  • pornography or gambling industries
  • stupid people compete here - obviously low hanging fruit
  • I'd rather be more interested than happy
  • Rich people don't have better ideas
  • Are you spending more time (trying to) acquiring wealth than doing things that are
  • TV etc, how many distractions do have that prevent us from doing interesting things like

reading books, hikes

  • Golfing makes you spend your day chatting with maybe 3 people
  • Basketball = more people, thus more disussion
  • The 3 ways someone becomes rich: inherit. pursued. lucky.
  • Wealth is the enemy of quality
  • Important and interesting work comes out of being constrained
  • One needs to find the balance between
  • Constraints you have from not being wealthy open the same doors if you're interesting
  • Grants (usually) suck, your work is politics
  • Wealth - above and beyond the necessities
  • Unless you have specific things that require riches to accomplish you probably won't get wealth.
  • Those that won't meet their objectives, they're probably just seeking riches

negatives of someone being rich -

  • we need to remove the need for consumption
  • Status fundamentally makes one happy, riches are one minute resource for that
  • social status - attempting to get rich, shows you're trying to hard to get social status because you don't have it
  • social status and wealth is not interchangeable suggests one member
  • money = currency or resources?!!?
  • fundamentally, all commodities are currency (Money is backed up by some central bank in some nation)

Sapir Whorf Hypothesis

  • One visitor accused a member of trying to modify the argument yet avoiding the main point

  • We should create a facebook event
  • We should have a social/bbq
  • Check out lawn bowling

creative vs social technical people are more creative? it's a freedom thing -- creativity

pushing social boundaries some of the time you will fail to be safe is to be a social animal