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  • Security vulnerability KM
  • IdeaWave VP, N, M
  • Is the Internet forever? LC
  • Burg Watch phone E
  • Whiteboard M
  • New BIAS spec M
  • Telescope KM
  • Privacy Commissioner slams provincial surveillance program (article in Focus Magazine)


  • Security vulnerability KM
    • To be published in the next couple days at Blog: list of 14 major libraries and SDK's for major merchant/credit card processors that are affected by the security vulnerability that Kevin discovered months ago
    • This problem has been copied over and over for years, so this problem is not something that can be fixed in one place, it must be implemented on millions of servers, every site that takes online credit card payments. Most of these sites don't know there's a vulnerability to begin with, and may never implement this change.
    • For small companies, they'll need to contact their old web developer, or hire a new one, to apply this fix, and pay whatever that developer wants to try to charge... If they don't do this, their customers' credit cards are vulnerable to being stolen.
    • IN11-003 is the error code that is the crux of this issue
  • IdeaWave (many)
    • Fluorescent cat due to spliced in gene in now possible due to Biology hacking, gene sequencing cost has gone done so much and quicker than expected. Open PCR BioCurious bio hacking lab in San Francisco, CA
    • NASA will dwindle and disappear if we don't get young people involved, especially since gov't can't afford to keep funding NASA sufficiently anymore
    • Dimegnetic objects, monopole, being deployed in space soon, but has many terrestrial applications too
    • How to write a poem in 3mins (simple starter formula), and why we should all write poems and often!
    • Languages and cultures dieing off at an alarming rate, and there was a documentary following a man who is 1 of the last dozen people in the world that can speak his language, and he is teaching anyone willing to learn his language and keep it alive.
      • Discussion ensued here about languages being used to enforce dominance over conquered countries. There's an international list of used/accepted characters for computing, and there are many characters that are left out and thus cannot be used.
  • Is the Internet forever? LC
    • Where will you store your memories, pictures, stories, etc? Will the Internet be around in 40 years so you can access all your memories that you've stored in "the cloud" or on your favourite social networking site, or online backup, etc, etc?
    • Brewster Kahle Brewster Kahle on Wikipedia is storing millions of webpages
    • It used to be the default to throw photos in a shoebox or photo album, and they can be dug up years later even if you didn't intend to keep them at the time. Now, pictures are taken all the time and thrown away, or lost without even noticing it. Vendor lock in is also a problem like iPhoto on Mac's, where the pictures are stored in a proprietary single large file.
    • At the current rate of growth for consuming power for storing all these files, 40-50 years out there won't be enough power generated to support all the hardware needed to store and read all the files.
    • Book "Delete" talking about problems with human recollection being naturally poor, and it's a prominent part of society and arguably "helpful" that details of many things are forgotten. Now with the ability to record everything and retain this data, it is damaging to society and how it has become "used to" functioning.
  • Burg Watch phone E
    • Watch phone that's completely unlocked and takes standard world 2G SIM cards, can use a microSD card up to 16GB for music, picture, video, file storage. Has a camera to take pictures and videos. Makes phone calls, SMS messages. Calendar, contacts etc. Comes with Bluetooth headset so you don't have to look like Dick Tracy while making calls, but you can use the speaker phone method if you wish...
    • Stellarc cool technology, ping body
  • Whiteboard M
    • We're often gathering around a small screen, or asking how things are spelled at these meetings; would it be useful/helpful to have an old fashioned whiteboard on the wall?
    • New Wacom tablets coming out
    • Suggested a magnetic whiteboard for the club that would be useful for many things all the time (not just Ideas)
  • New BIAS spec M
    • New BIAS specification out of Oasis, and it will be a standard in 90 days
  • Telescope KM
    • Actually went outside and used KM's telescope to look at the moon, Jupiter, and nearby flag pole. It was cold, but worth it!
  • Local Currencies S
    • There are 5000 alternative currencies out there, LETS is one of the big ones
    • Salt Spring Dollars have been widely accepted by many merchants in SSI since 2000, one of the longest running local currencies.
    • Iceland is considering dropping their own currency and starting to use actual Canadian Dollars
    • If you want to make money in precious metals, buy it on par here, then sell it on eBay for much more; oddly enough people buy it as an "investment".