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  • Order beer
  • Open discussion; bring the ideas you're passionate about


  • house purchasing discussion
  • pirate radio

Asked three members what things they carried on them without warning in advance:

windows ce device 8 keys (car house condo condo-common laptop) keyfob - building access wallet - reduced from 20 to 3 cards recently, if not often used bluetooth headset

business card carrier wallet card wallet notepad passport phone (pda) pager keys - in wallet (3 wallets in total) 2 usb fobs pens lighter multitool eye contact holder mininun! knife bag with laptop

keys cell wallet watch camera emergency cd

  • two members no longer wear watches now that they have alternative devices that carry the time

Then we discussed what a good geek should carry:

ham radio camera wire copper, stiff flashlight

Then we moved on to what we should have in case we go into a state of emergency:

9mm/weapon ham radio generator (multi fuel) helium balloon chair zodiac/pull chain boat tsunami zones? wood fire starter water purification locator beacon flashlight bank records

  • Member showed up late to show off his battery innovation, made from scratch. Turquoise Energy battery he calls it.
6.25 volt
400 amp
50 amp hours
312.5 watt hours
life cycle - indefinite

70-75 dollars in material cost

Should take 7-10 days for materials to integrate before it can be fully tested. Member will present in two weeks time on results and details. 
  • gas spectrometer - Where to buy?
  • "Thats the trouble wth chemicals, they all do different things"
  • Where to get certain chemicals
  • How to grind monel, or find monel powder?
  • danger/safety with batteries - chance to explode
  • For importing use DHL, then USPS, never UPS
  • What fun things do you do outside of work? how much time?
  1. all of it
  2. a lot - 20 hours on projects - information gathering
  3. 20-40 hours
  1. need a life
  2. not happy, but have to eat
  3. have a life - it takes a lot of time (5-10 if wife is in town) - lower priority

financial expectations (and others) of our partners is the male expected to provide (in full) during maternity

  • Members discussed business venture and financial models
  1. monthly/yearly (cosco)
  2. offer the cheapest one that makes me money option
  3. advertising model (froogle)
  4. sell the ip
  • futureshop model
  • Will try to organize a Yashy Idea Society online chat