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  • Kurt Lenfesty will chair this meeting
  • IdeaWave follow-up; the good, the (was there bad or ugly?)


  • It was brought to my attention that we need a process for determining when to take things to a sub-group. For example, Canadians for an secure, competitive internet has taken over the last several meetings, and not everyone is interested in this specific project. Maybe once something takes over an hour of discussion, those interested take that project offline?
  • As we're getting more a more diverse crowd, we need to note when we're getting more technical than required for a high level discussion. We need to make an effort to introduce anything technical in a way that everyone can understand and participate, otherwise it should be taken offline with those who are familiar with that subject matter
  • Note from Kurt: The way that I'm going to try and conduct the meet is go through the agenda items and try to minimize the high-level and in-depth discussions. The first thing I want is for everyone to get an overview of the ideas brought forward (and cover off any other agenda items). Then we can either break into subgroups to for those in-depth/high-level discussions, or get into more depth as a group.



Kris gave his review

  • broke even already 2nd year; was ewxpecting lose two years in a row
  • ridiculous momentum
  • social media paticipation tweeting crazy that trending ahed of new premier kristie clark trended higher
  • energy level of all atneiis good.
  • no complaints about the content
  • Year in Science BC .ca
  • #ideawave hashtag
  • 2 emails next day
    • one from a doctor - post-conf depression
    • no real goad w/conference yet beyond get a unch of critical thinkers in the room - maybe a better summary
  • submissions from all over North America based on just fb and twitter
  • flying in on your own dime, hotel, etc to speak for 10 minutes.
  • incubator, ideasx conf
  • washington dc how to survive as an artist "Hello the Future"
  • poss in advance submit a video.
  • maybe a virtual ideawave in six months livestream and ustream then allow remote participation
  • better financially.
  • 6 months virtual, 6 months real world
  • great format Ken - every half hour chance to talk to people; 3 ten minute slots
  • Kurt was more energized by ideawave than tedx rebroadcast
  • maybe a weekly event? Jennifer Fluke & he maybe do a TED talks evening
  • want more? come to these weekly meetings
  • maybe once a month have a speaker.
  • some talk about TED.
  • ignite - lightening talk. 5 minutes. 20 slides peckakutcha
  • 6'40" slides pechakucha created out of Japan 20 slides 20" each 6'40" total
  • must apply to get it. One per city. proprietary. once every compule months. Design focssed. Supposed to be but last one here was food centric.
  •  ? fully subscrbed but rom seemed empty.
  • told 170 capacity so kept it at 150. 40 tags paid but not collected.
  • All East coast folks didn't come in due to planes being cancelled.
  • MC was really god. Morgan Cranny. Actor and comedian with a science background.
  • his vibe Kurt points out encouraged us to be social.
  • one woman told him the 15 used for introspection rather than communication.
  • snacks? but that's where conferences make their money.
  • The hotel makes the money off the catrign.
  • have speakears say which corner they'd be in during the break.
  • videos - need contact info for people an put on their page.
  • maybe a wiki for the presentations and POC info.
  • 1 video/week and release all 50. one month for editing. this year 3 cameras to need to edit together.
  • finish up last year's first then start 2011.
  • maybe give the person the videao. Two people recorded their talks. Would prefer the didn't.
  • may have a no video policy next year.
  • maybe they have to include Kris's logo.
  • Guy: why do you want them to go to your website? Depending on goal. Graeful Dead approach. System tehory - adaptable and flexible. Let othe rpeople propgate it for you.
  • low self-esteem, radical self interest, psychologist - high value of low self esteem. Apologies to Olympic medalist. (Liam's review)
  • David & Jenn arrive.
  • Guy who do you choose to follow. Inidiviudals more than organizations. Kris as the org as opposed to Kris as himself. As himself can have opinions and favorites.
  • Kurt - you made clear that he didn't choose them. Lunched w/rower. Discovered the amatuers were ore interesting that the professional motivaltional speakers.
    • Talks he thought would be good weren't and vice-versa.
  • Other members said: raincoaster, autistic, etc. all amazing talks. Bread talk.
  • Harder to follow folks w/a lot of information.
  • maybe pass on to less is more suggestion to potential speakers.
  • brian white, ian souter, and craig carmichael specifically invited and encouraged as he knew they were doing cool shit.

batteries - these actually get better for 4-8 uears. driving these cars 10 years later. Best for solar collection.

  • 2 negative things per Kris -
    • on-the-fly wanting to speak. took a hard stance.
    • over ten people came up usually w/partner asking if can come in free in order to just watch/record the one talk.
  • Kurt - maybe 10$ for three? But maybe could blow out attendance capacity.
  • 20 tix short of selling out entirely.
  • put a note in to explictly say family members must also buy a ticket.

Point of Sale Systems[edit]

Guy's interested on working on one of these

point of sale systems - tie in via EDI to suppliers.

problem is they are closed an don't give people ability to manage their own.

Unsecure and not customizable.

not encrypted nor secured in a standardized way.

The electronic till which does POs and invoices. track in realtime, logistics of waht is being procured, used, in stock.

K used one. More you put in, more useful it is. But restaurants don't. Dinerware says Liam Microsoft CEO due to dissatifaction w/Squirrel Systems. Dinerware - Crystal Reports, Access, Excel. Super customizable. $5k/terminal, 800 additional.

one dealer in Victoria - Dutch guy.

Most using Orca Dynamics sells POS services and hardware. Sells M'aitre de and Squirrel.

Dinerware - operational costs minimal. Runs on XP.

Dineware - all IP, can set to h/w level encryption. DHCP server.

Kris huge need; Will and he have talked about it as Kris has run a restaurent.

Existing ones are very hackable.

Credit cards included so violation FIPPA. PCIDSS also in force.

Doctor's offices open wirless networks.

Must do due diligence towards security - not specifies exactly what.

IDEA: open system for small business owners low operational cost. Customers order food and drinks via push buttons or smart phones even with in advance of arrival ordering. real time analyitcs. can control it. no need for customers to wait for the waitress.

What do you need to move forward?

Not much. Need some dynamic API that wil allow the user to create the menu. Template that customer can use. Drupal, Liam says, cash register app which could be adapted.

Why important to Guy? Wants to support small mom & pop businesses.

Liam: just for inventory an dacurate tracking - not enough impetus to implement a real app such as Guy is describing. They wouldn't know what to do with it and would need someone to manage it.

Guy: using iphones or smartphone barcode scanning. For inventory. Still ahve to tag everything think Liam. E.g. produce.


Ernie also interested in working on the in-advance order.

Liam: dine-in Victoria has this for about 20 restaurants.

Kris: wouldn't have used in his restaurant - customers love the in-person sales, owner generally leery of tech, logistics - maybe no seats available.

Prepay over the phone to reserve the table.


soldering class - $10 for the class; $30 for the day

website needs help to tell

redirect from makerspace or to turn off is annoying. Could use some TLC.

Chris Bowers What Went Well Today[edit]

Chris Bowers WGWT - he has a march 14th evening open. He's contacted two people. If you are interested, let Kris know. $40. Invite only. Really good social networking execrcise. Choose the quesiton you want to ask. They do it stragtegically such that you answer your own question. Kris & Kurt both said that the questions were really good. Forces you to go deep. "If you can ask the question, you know the answer". Ernie.

Good Latino Restaurants in Victoria[edit]

Cafe Yucatan - Mexican+Italian

Hernandez - 5 tacos 5 bucks

Porta Amigo van end of U st downtown

new one in Cook Street Village

place in the old Pig building View between Blanshard and Douglas

Job News[edit]

Guy took a f/t gig w/BeanStream. 5-7 bard & banker celebration

Wine Tasting[edit]

Josh redneck sommelier once a month wine tasting. <= 20 people. 2 nights now instead of one. Coupld spots left for tomorrow. Themes. "There's really good wines there?"


Geogeeks meeting tomorrow also

IdeasMeetings Calendar[edit]

Kris just embeeded a google calender on the victoria ideasmeetings page

please add anything

wayward school classes coming up

Find Lost Remote Idea[edit]

Kris been thinking about the makerspace last couple of days. From meeting Mitch Altmann inventor of virtual reality. Made a "brain machine" Tokyo hacker space project. soldering.

TV Be Gone guy - "Brain Be Gone" Self-meditation device. Commecially available now. (see minutes from the earlier meeting where this was first discussed & tried - a few folks tried it again tonight)

Cinema Seven All-For-One hackable remote only $20

1) some cheap universal remote with LEDs and beeping sounds

2) replace light switch with two-in-one.

3) keychain fob have them blink and make noise to you

Liam three small trasnmitters & traingulate. idea is provide the remote so not need glue antying on. Some wall-mountable item that talks to existing control. wall mountable sticks to outside. 5 mm extension so that switch protrudes? No. maybe frame around switch - matte black, silver, gold metal colors What do you need to take this idea to the next step?

  • how far it can reach, use practically to test it.
  • Bug Mitch or someone to design the circuit for him - maybe the noisebridge guys would do a cut for him.
  • FM trans and FM receive relatively easy. But some circuit to have the receiver know what to do.

Store Products map[edit]

Thrify's cameras for tracking patterns, not theft.

Costco idea. But probably they want you to wander through.

an idea you'd bring to costco.

Reverse engineering hacking class[edit]

Will - new idea - one of the speakers - Jeff malware at Microsoft. Hiring vulnerability researchers. Neither K nor W have done in 10 years. will start a class in it. Deep at beginning. Assembler. Then is just getting tools to look in right spot.

open data[edit]

myrep app progress fellow from open parilament has given us a test set of data


more discussion about the Nickel-Iron batteries

U of Alberta guy might redo lights

need to turn of computers at night to save power.


solio - social mandate to give one away for every one purchased.

charger. dozen power adapters. USB device.

good for hikers. Suction cup, tent peg.

ham radio[edit]

Kris suggests more people get ham radio licenses so he has someone to talk to.

Ernie - why? Herb - the apocalypse. Liam - what is your plan for the apocalypse dinner party conversation - people do hae a plan. Skills to acquire. Make bread so if cut off from the mainland.

K - guns & ammo -then you get everyting you need.

Earthquake kit? No, you? Yes. What's your address.

alcohol becomes currency says Liam.

ham radio two states of emergency. Both of them in Ottawa declared stae of emergecyn. peole were getting shot for generators. All sold out in a couple of hours.

Cell phone networks shut down overloaded. Ham radio folks called in.

100 question mutliple choice exam, but bank of questions is public. Just know the 500. Industry candada has a downloadable random question generator. Within two weeks of goofing around to get basics. do the exam. Get license plates for less money. VE7 BC VE7BNE is his unique plate. basic; was didital, was morse code (continueous wave), advanced now just b and a if coul send and receive for 3 minutes, allows you more than 30 mHz 2 m wavelength basic just your city. worldwide that bounce HF ionosphere, under 30 mHz 10-60 meters long Now just need 10% extra marks on exam to get advanced. Basic 250W output, advanced 1KW output. Could even have onw repeater. Not have to be physically present. Basic range: VFH and UFH

HF under 30 mHz VFH 32-~250 UFH >300

Basic - anything over 30 mHz. Ernie - each freq range has different pros & cons.

most ppuler 144-148 2 meter. Omni Local. Morse code easier than voice. Morse or cw can go further than voice. Middle "single side band" truncates your ovice range to extend range. with 50 Watt radio in voice - everywhere in Victoria. Double in side band. Europe max 700 on side band. Using 2 m can bounce off the moon. Yagi antennae double sided cone. Longer and more teeth is more directional. 3 elemtns he has at home, 45 dgree angle. Earth Moon Earth build 20 foot long yaggi's aiming right at the moon. Then bounces back to the earth again. One fellow tried sending an email - picked up by Stanford and sent back tohim.

HF - bouncing off ionosphere. Matters on season and time of day. D, E, F layers of ionosphere. Sun creates it. Also 11 year solar cycle. 5 W power - could get thousands of km. Directional, though.

Can buy a kit. Used available, too. Friendliest community ever. His first was $25. Got a better one for $150. Now a fancy 1K one. He has a handheld - can go wherever. Depends what you want to do. Recommends basic exam with over 70% score so can do anything. Then get all-band all-mode radio. Kris enjoys contesting. eg 2 day rush ones. Talk to as many people in two days as possible. not a conversation - just a log. CQ is "is anybody there". ham radio code. CQWWW Wallpaper chaser. Certificates. eg 5 people from calgary radio assocation. Send in log & get a certificate for your wall about that. all provinces award. DXCC. 100 countries for minimum level. If all 100 on all 5 bands, people on 25 islands, etc.

ham radio geeks pioneered all the cool wireless technology in use; cannot use ham for commercial use TAPPER - Tuscon amateur radio group APRS - automatic position reporting system - uses ham radio to transmit lat/long to all listening radios (hooked up to GPS) Need a Terminal Node Controller (TNC) modem to connect the GPS to the radio. - tells you all the satellites available. Number system ranks by brightness. Can see some with naked eye.

DX - long distance - chasing. If you go to an obscure grid square, people want to talk to you. FN25 = Victoria. Grid square and name.

QSL card - name and pictures. HF game. If not in a contest, you might exchange QSL cards. - look up call signs.