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Welcome to the Ideas Meetings wiki.

The requirements to be a member of an ideas meeting are that you must be open minded, willing to learn and willing to share. If you meet these strict criteria, please join the group! If you have an interesting thought, idea for a project or even a business venture share it with the group. Maybe others will help you make it happen! We've had several projects and business ventures result from our meetings. Come, grab a pint, share your ideas and participate in projects that interest you.

Topics for discussion vary greatly and depend on who attends the meetings, but after three years of meetings in various cities, there doesn’t seem to be a limit on subject matter. Often meetings begin with one or two people sharing an idea (a theory, a project, an invention – it really doesn’t matter!), and the conversation goes from there. The only thing you need is an open mind and a willingness to discuss respectfully.

“Ideas is a series of meetings of interested thinkers, artists, and inventors who get together for drinks to talk about projects and ideas for project. Sometimes we have demos, such as new battery chemistries, a hydrogen powered boat, or home built musical instruments – sometimes someone wants to talk about a project they’re passionate about, such as cooperative organic farming, cyborg senses, or programming robots to help the disabled. Sometimes we just have some drinks and enjoy talking to other people who are doing interesting things. We’re open to everyone and everything, and you’re invited. Come join us.” – Will W.

How does one participate?[edit]

Join a meeting in your city! If one doesn't exist yet, create one! You can get an idea of what happens at a meeting from the VictoriaChapter meeting minutes.

Contribute to this wiki. Click the 'Create an account' link in the top right of this page.

Check out our Projects page, this lists all of our ongoing projects. This lists all of the global projects. Individual chapters will also have their own Projects page.

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