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Dear CPLBC Board of Directors,

Here are notes taken from last Wednesday, after meeting with Board member Lorne Carnes:

  • It was stated that the priorities of the board is to get people out on the green bowling and increase membership through lessons.

(Kris: It is my understanding the priorities of the board are increased membership and utilization. We need to resolve this confusion.)

  • Ideas members would like to participate more in the club, including the social members. One member said he checked a lot of items on the back of the membership form, yet has never been contacted directly to help out.
  • Calendaring system now works based on the priorities of the club (lawn bowling, new members) and other activities are a lower priority.

(Kris: again, lawn bowling should not be the priority, membership and utilization should; all of the other clubs in town prioritize in lawn bowling, and they're dying. A full member and positive club will get people on the green.) (Kris: I've seen no evidence this has/will be resolved?)

  • It was noted to ideas members that we're a social club, yet when full member Ernie U. asked what social activities happen the only two mentioned were Ideas and Wine with Josh. The latter is gone, and the former is on its way out.
  • It seemed that the social activities got squashed without notification by the new process.
  • The board does not recognize that the ideas group is part of the schedule (This was mentioned twice)
  • The board needs to understand the value of utilization by the ideas group

The ideas group responded that the lack in renewed memberships over this issue should show the value of their utilization (Kris: over 20 full members and over 20 social members have not renewed this year), and that this is the largest social group the club has, and the only group that uses the clubhouse year 'round, meeting both membership and utilization priorities. (Kris: Not having this group does us harm, not good)

  • Better communication about what different groups are doing is needed
  • Stronger ties with the club board can help to improve understanding - What can ideas members do to be more active on the board and in the club?
  • Propose a new activity type (that's not an event at $10/head) where the ideas group can fit in with a mix of member and non-member groups
  • What does the club propose to bring in new young members?
  • Shift the perception of the club to be one of community building, not just lawn bowling
  • When the lessons are over (on June 8), then the ideas group should be able to move to 7 pm (if in fact, the lessons are over) -- and the board meeting would be after the end of the lessons


Ideas - Victoria (Full and Social members combined) Social and Full m