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  • Co-working discussion
  • The letter to the board
  • ALPR
  • ICBC Facial recognition
  • CIRA
  • Events calendar


  • Introductions


  • Bruce, Kris, Kevin, Brett, Nancy, Dillon, Rob, Kurt, Liam, Evan, Chris, Carol-Lynne, Cindy, Nicole, Jay and others


Lawn Bowling Club (The Letter to the Board)[edit]

  • How can we make the ideas group work within the framework of the Lawn Bowling Club?
  • Recap of last discussion about the relationship between the lawn bowling club and the ideas group and the challenges of having a regular meeting of the ideas group that is double-booked by the club
  • Club executive has had some discussions about the relationship between the club and the ideas group
  • Primary priority of the club is greenspace usage: lawn bowling and croquet
  • Do the members who are social members transition to full membership? there hasn't been much of a transition from social members who go to the ideas group to full membership of the club -- so the ideas group is not providing a good financial use case for the club
  • Bruce Gillespie (Activities Chair) provided a circular with different policy options that the ideas group could fall under and solicited our input on what the ideas group would want
    • Two of the given options (a) and (b) would preclude attendance by non-members to the ideas group, so option (c) is the only option given that would work
    • Option (c) would require that a fee be assessed for all the non-members who attend
    • There is an option to approach the club executive to provide some flexibility in how and what fees are assessed
  • Would be helpful to have some definite numbers as to how many club members participate in the ideas group
  • One suggestion is that the percentage of members who attend the ideas group would be entitled to that percentage of time using the club
  • Ideas group members do promote the club activities and membership through social media
  • The ideas group does encourage members of the group to become members of the club--so the ideas group does reach out to the community to bring in potential members
  • Is the lawn bowling club a welcoming space to outsiders?
  • Traditionally social members were members who were no longer able to bowl or were a spouse of a member
  • Action item: ideas group needs to come up with a proposal to the board for how to structure ideas meetings

Co-working Discussion[edit]

  • Kris and Evan have been working on creating a co-working space
  • Space full of critical thinkers and no conflicts
  • Needs for agreement
    • Expectations of those willing to pay
    • People need to put money down as a show of commitment
    • Time for commitment is now
  • Evan's vision
    • Physical focal point for people to work together and share energy
    • Space where people can go to and feel welcome
    • Not a dedicated desk model (hotdesk model)
    • Dynamic and changing groups of people in a non-permanent way with office amenities (internet, etc)
    • Serendipity factor: you don't know who you'll meet, what connections you'll make
  • Kris' vision
    • Shared co-working space with a dedicated desk model
    • Dedicated commitments to ensure that the space is paid for
    • Requires a 12-month commitment
    • $200/month is the goal, but $250 might be the actual cost
    • Costs covered and 10% extra money go towards contingencies (provides a float)
    • Perspective is trying to minimize risk, asking for a 6-month payment up front
    • Location: walk or bike from downtown
  • Different levels of membership allows for multiple streams of revenue which can provide more financial robustness
  • Some models have a pay-per-use that goes down the more you use the space
  • Another example Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto
  • In Victoria 3 packaged office shared business spaces with mail and live reception as well as meeting spaces
  • There's also some businesses that rent meeting spaces and boardroom spaces
  • In the past shared spaces as a business model have not been successful
  • Kris has been ushered around by Victoria Real Estate Board.
    • Today Kris visited Rock Bay Plaza:
    • Red Unit - former tattoo parlor with some structure. 1600 ft2, $12/ft2 including hydro. with utilities $2100/month. Room for 12 people. Cooling and heating may be an issue.
    • Another space - 761 ft2, $14/ft2. with utilities $1100/month. Rectangle room.
    • Another space - 1350 ft2, $12/ft2. with utilities $1200/month. Rectangle room. Would be willing to build rooms.
    • Storefront space - completely finished. 2000 ft2 @$14/ft2, office rooms upstairs.
    • Another space - 331 ft2, is attached.
    • The co-working space has room to expand as usage goes up
    • Whole building has been zone light industrial, so makerspace could be there
    • The prices are so low that this is likely the location, just which one
  • Victoria and Saanich have lots of community support for entrepreneurship and innovation that these spaces fulfill
  • Probably have both Kris and Evan using different spaces there as the models are complimentary
  • Evan is getting closer to getting a space for month-to-month, 1400 ft2 on Fisgard at Blanchard, used to be Industry Images. Willing to start at $2000/month on a month-to-month basis.
  • Maybe come in as a unified voice to come in and take on 3 spaces
  • Need a private space to take phone calls
  • Dillon: A business plan with some pro-forma financials could help put the case forward to city council - Dillon, Kris and Evan to work on a business plan together
  • As this concept grows some positions become full-time
  • Rob willing to put on an administrative role in return for some benefits in the space
  • Some issues with up-front 6-month costs discussed
  • Evan has 5 members committed and needs to find 5 more members in the next 30 days
  • Kris has about 5 committed and knows about 30 people who are interested
  • Kris to talk to City of Victoria about different options and how the city can support the initiatives
  • Central location to aggregate information about the co-space plans, helpful to have bios of those who are interested to add support to the business case, a wiki to collect this information


  • Rob has been doing freedom of information requests
    • waiting for information from federal privacy commissioner
    • BC privacy commissioner doesn't seem to have any information, but they are looking into it -- looking for an official public statement
  • Kevin's camera works with linux, so Kurt can start getting some sample footage of cars driving by and see if he can get the ALPR software tweaked to work with that footage

ICBC Facial Recognition[edit]

  • In the aftermath of the Vancouver riots, ICBC has decided to use the photo license plate database to run against riot pictures to find matches that the police will then request
  • Photo matches will not be perfect
  • But persons name will be given to the police, which may not be the person
  • When ICBC gets it wrong, what is ICBC's liability? would be similar to a company that provides an incorrect crime match
  • Novel and precedent usage of BC Id's system, which was never supposed to be used for this use
  • Next step would be to integrate with security cameras
  • BC Civil Liberties is working on the issue, since it appears to be a violation of civil rights
  • Transition from Drivers Licence only to Enhanced Drivers Licence to Vancouver Riot uses - roadmap to the destruction of civil liberties - would be an good infographic
  • Good project: Do you match a BC rioter? Submit your photo, or run against flickr or facebook profile pictures
  • Kevin went back and forth with ICBC's representative about someone giving consent for this process
  • Kevin is chasing this issue
  • The database can be used for a "specific investigation", but what that means is not clear (i.e. a specific car burning, or the whole riot)
  • BC FIPA is familiar how specific people get delayed FOI requests because they request regularly
  • Academics get better treatment, but they still have to pay
  • On the drivers license requirement when you photo is taken, ICBC should provide disclosure as to where that information goes
  • Infographic - "Think of What Hitler Could Have Done With Canada's Legislation"
  • FIPA has very broad rules as to how information can be released


  • Please become a member of CIRA
  • If you have a .ca domain, you are eligible to become a member of CIRA, but you still need to join
  • Once you're a member, you're eligible to vote for the board of directors, especially Kevin
  • All you need to do is to take a digital picture or scan of your license plate
  • You can have a guarantor if you don't want to provide a license, who needs to be available by phone
  • Kevin needs about 200 votes to be on the board of directors and help direct policy at CIRA
  • Rob may want to help Kevin translate his technical platform into something that non-technical people can understand
  • YouTube clips for Kevin answering questions about his platform related to "Why should I care about it?" and "What is the benefit of that?" -- Rob to provide a set of questions to ask, maybe Dillon or Nicole can do the filming

Events Calendar[edit]

  • Lots of local people are doing local events calendars, it would be nice if all these events calendars are integrated
  • Might be better if these different calendars had RSS feeds so that you could collect all those feeds together in an aggregator
  • Technically it's possible to have a common calendar through an aggregator
  • Google Calendar would walk you through how to aggregate calendars
  • Post to the ideas facebook group and someone will walk through the process