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Start at 8pm!


  • Policy on open-source intelligence for solving criminal investigations
  • Co-working Space
  • Unions


  • Kris, Nicole, Ernie, Jay, Chris, Kevin, Kurt and others


Co-Working Space[edit]

  • People need to be ready to commit for $200/month to be in a co-working space
  • Kris is actively looking for a space, commercial realty people are looking for a space
  • There needs to be at least 10 people who are committed to guarantee to cover the costs, if there is room for other people there could be room for people who are more transient/pay less/come in only for a day
  • Multiple people could commit for 1 space (i.e. share the commitment for a single space)
  • It might be helpful to have business customers who need space for less time (eg. 8 days/month), pay a premium
  • Might help to charge for common facilities, like the boardroom -- people who need it will pay for it
  • Evan has created a website for Victoria's co-working space Victoria Co-Working Space, but the business model is slightly different, and the cost is $325/head instead of $200/head, Evan's model has a heavy drop-in process
  • Kris' contact is looking for a subsidy for the space
  • Kevin mentioned that there might be a requirement for a given number of parking spaces for the business to get a license
  • Kris will look into the parking issue
  • People need to comment on Kris' blog to commit to using the space
  • San Francisco's The Hub is an example of a working space, also The Hub Halifax
  • Drop in space is good, but the costs have to be covered first by committed members, any extra is a bonus
  • Another option is to buy instead of renting
  • UVic and Camosun have scholars who are visiting, it might work to have a place to put them for a few days, so that could be part of the business model - check the office of the President, there's also a entrepreneurial group
  • Might be good to have a small space set aside for walkins (say, 2 spaces), and then over time to see if that works
  • Most commercial spaces want a 5 year lease, but this group only wants a 1 year lease. One benefit would be that this group would not want any leasehold improvements
  • Insurance model - insuring the risk of customers defaulting on their obligation (i.e. they go out of business) -- 90% of businesses fail
  • So increase the cost a bit so that there is a financial cushion instead of not having any reserves -- much like a condo fee
  • Or charging a higher premium for clients that are more risky
  • Or clients put the money in trust or all in front, or purchase a insurance policy to cover the rent
  • Facilities that can be rented out after hours can increase revenue
  • Makerspace non-industrials could be located there and that could increase revenue (such as laser cutter and 3D printer) - which would make those things more convenient (and could be used after hours) - although being after hours may bother the people that are working longer hours and want the quieter environment
  • Zoning for office space difference between people coming in to work compared to people coming for meetings

Use of Open-Source Intelligence for Criminal Investigations[edit]

  • Chris was at a meeting in Ottawa about lawful access, a forensic investigator came in who does consulting for US police departments--he's found in his work that the police are inept in using social media for criminal investigations--making it up as they go
  • Within a year, US police departments will figure out the policy that they will use with social media
  • There's an opportunity right now to develop a policy to present to these police departments that they can use
  • Someone has to figure out this policy, and drive the development of this policy
  • Does this group want to be involved in that policy development, do we want to drive it or participate in the driving of the development of this policy?
  • Chris, Kris and Kevin are interested, Chris and Kris can have a discussion about that
  • Simple idea generation is helpful


  • Kris has started a rant about Air Canada strike--fairly opinionated about unions
  • Unions were started to prevent employer abuses. Then labour laws came into plays
  • With unions there is no end game, employees pay their dues, what do they expect
  • Maybe instead of unions we optimize labour laws
  • Unions threatened to strike, management seems to fulfill roles, seems to negate value of the union jobs
  • But perhaps it's too soon to tell how much employees are needed
  • Perhaps unions are on the way out
  • But unions in certain sectors are powerful and strong and will continue to exist
  • Current strikes (Canada Post and Air Canada) are over pensions
  • Lots of discussion for and against unions, issues and arguments
  • Movie Waiting for Superman