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Start at 8pm!

  • DDoS of FOI
  • The letter
  • Indepedent Media
  • RFID chipping of the population
    • Is it likely?
    • How can we profit from it?
    • Is this a good candidate for a makerspace project
    • Definition of research - note it's about quality, not quantity or gut instinct.
  • RF/MW radiation concerns
  • Conspiracy Conference
    • goldbugs conference
  • Island Cabin Hack-a-Thon
  • Logo discussion
  • The precautionary principle and cell phones as carcinogen - Larry



Lots of new people!


It's amazing, decentralized, anonymous, can't be stopped or taxed! The silk road sells banned pharma using bitcoin memorydealers.com accepts bitcoin as payment (growing list of other accepters here: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Trade) mtgox.com is the main exchange (mega chart: https://mtgox.com/trade/megaChart), also mtred.com is a mining pool affiliated with users of reddit (there are several other mining pools, deepbit being the largest at present)

Bitcoin network is a p2p network consisting of those computers running the client software. New bitcoins are awarded to contributors (aka miners) who also are using their processing power to validate previous transactions stored in the block chain (which is a ledger of transactions shared across all clients). Validating the transactions includes a cryptographic proof-of-work where certain results will be awarded (sort of like a lottery) brand new bitcoin for successfully 'discovering' the next block in the block chain. Real time network stats can be viewed at http://blockexplorer.com/q

Bitcoin resurfaced... in the conversation... Lulzsec have given their bitcoin address publicly, and a donor gave them $7k in bitcoins recently. Lulzsec have just taken things down just for fun, and taken down Sony repeatedly.

Publicly available searchable criminal and traffic records[edit]

Jody Patterson's blog A Closer Look http://www.closer-look.blogspot.com/ Prov gov has a website showing the criminal record of all BC residents, driving infractions, back at least as far as 1998 and no full name is needed for the search: https://eservice.ag.gov.bc.ca/cso/esearch/criminal/partySearch.do

CIRA election and Membership[edit]

Cira membership difficulties Cira is the governing body to regulate all .ca domain names, internet policy in Canada and more @KevinSMcArthur is running for election to be on the board. A person must register to be a member of CIRA ahead of time to vote in the election in September. DNSsec is poorly managed with root certificates and SSL certificates, and allowing for many security problems in trusting domains/websites Country code TLD domain seizures are now being requested, and cira is watching rather than being active with this. Check out kevinforcira.ca for more information and to sign up for announcements and key information as the election nears, digitalpolicy.ca has some information from past meetings regarding Internet policy and more Who gets to decide who is legal and who isn't

Online music services[edit]

Herb went to GoogleIO and they gave outt Android tablets GoogleMusic is a new service where you store your music in the cloud, access it on all your devices by streaming and just by signing in. So what happens with unlicensed music files, are you turning yourself in just by signing up? Mentioned similar site called grooveshark lulzsec has been pwning sites just for fun... or the lulz of it

RFID chipping[edit]

There was a guy about 5 years ago that had one implanted in his wrist and how doesn't use a key for his car or house These can be ordered online easily just by searching “RFID body chip” and similar Note that 1/5 of US pop. need food stamps to live, so it could be easy to force those to have RFID just to get their food. Possibilities include RFID chipping criminals when they're released into a community. RFID is usually 10ft range, but can be extended to 30ft with a special antenna Could put scanning points at airports, ferries, border crossings, and other choke points rfid.org can buy a reader/writer device for under $500ish Would you be interested in having an implanted RFID? Benefits are: memberships and entrance to places with memberships. Imagine something 1mmx3mm in size. Makerspace project to make a card or slim case to hold a bunch of RFID's, numbered slots to hold all the memberships. Visa and Mastercard have already implemented RFID cards. Can buy metal wrapper to fit over a card which is a Faraday cage to protect the rfid so it's not scannable unless the card is removed from the cage. WSIS recent keynote speaker with a RFID enabled passport and refused to show it by removing it from its cage to show to the guards to let him in, and was held up.

Conspiracy conference[edit]

open to people that are conspiracy theorists and have them submit talks similar to ideawave. It could turn into a very notorious event. There are so many people out there that have their ideas or beliefs or conspiracies and could air them and gather like minded people and inform others of the information. This would be a great way to generate revenue and provide a sustainable conference At the end of each talk there is some kind of vote/hands up, where people say whether they think it's true or not, or conspiracy or not. Each registrant gets a login to vote for each talk they attend and maybe comment. Fantastic discussion about misc conspiracy theories arose, some theories, and some... ;)

The Ideas Ideal[edit]

Some summary of the group arose in conversation: Something like: Collaborative group of extremely critical thinkers, launching ideas into real world projects that make a positive difference to the world at large. “The purpose of the Ideas Meetings is to descover our own purpose...” Or, “To choose individually what matters to us, and that would forward the mission of our group together, or the theme of our topics. How would we work together to support our individual goals and humanity at large? Everything seems an inclusive topic, with inclusive input from individuals which is indicative of critical thinkers and showing that no one is blindly supporting any ideal; we actually discuss and consider ideas for/against all ideas, and often times people are swayed in their original “slant” by considering other “sides” and seeing something new. There are 3 types of people: those that care only about themselves, their community, or humanity at large. Taps.bc.ca is a place to register to volunteer in the community For example, there are starving people in 1st world countries that are often overlooked in favour of 3rd world country conditions and starvation. Denmark(?) has set up their national infrastructure in which every person has a bare minimum income of $30k/yr, and is one approach.


Looking to organize a Hack-a-thon on Galiano sometime in the summer. Let's look for middle weekend in each of: July _________________________ (insert your available dates here) August ______________________ (insert your available dates here)


Ideas Victoria logo, let's make our own rather than have an external pro design one What other objects represent ideas (or vice versa), can we use puzzle pieces, circuit board letters, put on a background of GVRD or just downtown or Vancouver Island... registered ideasvic.ca on the spot, hooked it up with Kris' to provide temporary gracious hosting! You can now go directly to the Ideas Meetings Victoria Chapter wiki site by visiting: www.ideasvic.ca email list and collaborative tools coming soon software inkscape is free and can create SVG files; suggested use for us to create and submit ideas

Dangerous Precautions[edit]

Precautionary measures for potentially dangerous things Regarding wireless, is there a possible danger, is it possible there may be proven danger in the future that we have all now been exposed to for years by the time the results are found. On the other hand, there have been cases when there is a suspected problem and this has lead to massive losses for the providers of these products (cucumbers) but when it was too late, this was found false but no compensation was given to the farmer... and numerous similar cases

One Day Websites Business Idea[edit]

Kris just registered onedaywebsites.ca, for individuals or entrepreneurs who want a website but don't know how to. There's a set fee for WordPress setup and hosted for a year, includes domain name for 1yr.

Lost and Found[edit]

black nylon case, contact someone to describe it and claim it!