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Start at 8pm!

  • Board member (Lorne C) of CPLBC coming to talk about scheduling conflict
  • DDoS of FOI
  • Indepedent Media
  • RFID chipping of the population
    • Is it likely?
    • How can we profit from it?
    • Is this a good candidate for a makerspace project
    • Definition of research - note it's about quality, not quantity or gut instinct.
  • RF/MW radiation concerns
  • Conspiracy Conference
    • goldbugs conference
  • Island Cabin Hack-a-Thon
  • Logo discussion
  • The precautionary principle and cell phones as carcinogen - Larry



  • Kris, Lorne, Ernie, Jacob, Kevin, Kurt

Meeting Space Scheduling Conflicts[edit]

  • History
    • This group may have been pushed around by the scheduling of the club
    • Lorne is here to discover what the issues are around the scheduling
    • The club went through a crisis when the city wanted to remove the club
    • The club pulled through the crisis successfully
    • The club has a policy and procedure manual that outlines how activities are scheduled
    • There is conflict on Wednesday night between the lessons and the ideas group
    • Club shows utilization and membership to win the political battle to keep the club going
    • The traditional culture is that there was bowling and a social component
    • Kris' vision is to have a diverse group of people bringing positive energy through activities and some people bowl
    • The priorities of the board is to get people out on the green bowling and increase membership through lessons
    • Most lawn bowling clubs usually suspend all non-lawn-bowling-related activities during the course of the season
    • The traditional lawn bowling club model may not keep the club sustainable in the long run -- the club may be better off trying to be more inclusive
    • The ideas group are the heaviest users of the club, and the only group that uses the club year round
  • What does the ideas group want?
    • The group traditionally meets at the same time and same place for such a long time that there is inertia to keep that the same
    • Kris would like to have some mixing between lawn bowlers and ideas group attendees
    • The plan right now is to go back to meet at 7 pm at the end of August
  • There is some perception that the people who are paying $30 to use the clubhouse who are taking away time away from lawn bowling
    • There seems to be a perception that only one group can use the clubhouse at a time
  • Alternatives
    • Have the ideas group rent the space for the year and take that proposal to the board
    • The board would like to accommodate all groups
    • Ideas group may be pushed out if it's moved to a model where they are charged for using the space -- the club would lose the revenue of those social members
    • The club members don't want to feel that they're being taken advantage of
  • Can the ideas group participate in the upkeep in the club?
    • Difficult to organize volunteers -- often takes more work to organize than to do the actual work
    • List of work that needs doing would be helpful
  • Change process
    • Some people may not be appeased no matter what we do
    • Maybe if everyone participates in the process then changes will go more smoothly
    • Calendaring system now works based on the priorities of the club (lawn bowling, new members) and other activities are a lower priority
    • It seemed that the social activities got squashed without notification by the new process
    • In the scheduling perhaps justify the slot of having ideas group using the time
    • Would help to know about all the events that are happening at the club
    • The board does not recognize that the ideas group is part of the schedule
  • Going Forward
    • Board needs to understand the value of utilization by the ideas group
    • Better communication about what different groups are doing
    • Participation by ideas members in club work as needs arise
    • Stronger ties with the club board can help to improve understanding
    • Perhaps more ideas group members participate as board members to have ideas group principles kept in awareness - would need 4 full members to join the board
    • If you come to ideas group more than a few times they need to join the lawn bowling club as a social member
    • Ideas group can write a letter to the board or attend the board meeting to present the case of why they need to be valued
    • Propose a new activity type (that's not an event at $10/head) where the ideas group can fit in with a mix of member and non-member groups
    • What does the club propose to bring in new young members?
    • Shift the perception of the club to be one of community building, not just lawn bowling
    • When the lessons are over (on June 8), then the ideas group should be able to move to 7 pm (if in fact, the lessons are over) -- and the board meeting would be after the end of the lessons
  • Other optional locations
    • Union Club -- problem: no jeans
    • Bar -- too loud, people without disposable income would only drink water
  • Ideas to Increase Club Participation/Utilization
    • Social group to do some lawn bowling
    • Hack-a-thon at the ideas space
    • Try to push the priority of increasing membership and utilizing the club space as much as possible
    • Try to get some ideas group members on the board in the fall

Island Cabin Hack-a-Thon[edit]

  • Kris may be going to the Mayne Island hack-a-thon this weekend if anyone wants to go

CIRA Board Members[edit]

  • Kevin is running for CIRA
  • Kris is thinking of running
  • See CIRA nominations
  • Chance of getting on the board is lower, but over time we can get people on the board -- it's a long-term agenda
  • Challenge is getting enough people to vote
  • First people need to become CIRA members
  • Need 200 people as CIRA members to vote for Kevin in September
  • How to become a CIRA member
  • Have a campaign to become a CIRA member - registration drive
  • Need an info-graphic of CIRA registration steps
  • Kevin could use some graphic designer support to promote his campaign
  • Kevin's campaign site
  • People need to fill out form on Kevin's site so that he knows who his supporters are and how to contact them

Moved to June08,2011 Meeting[edit]

  • DDoS of FOI
  • RFID chipping of the population
  • RF/MW radiation concerns
  • Conspiracy Conference
  • Independent Media
  • The precautionary principle and cell phones as carcinogen - Larry