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  • Kris looking for marketing suggestions for onedaywebsite.ca
    • Target market is individuals or entrepreneurs who are not technical at all
    • (If you can register a domain and find web hosting, you're not the target market)
  • Decentralization Day

(Optionally compile from source after reviewing) (Please suggest more things to decentralize ~Fabian)

no Kris, skipped agenda above[edit]

Online Classified advertising optimizing[edit]

Kean Graham : MonetizeMore.com

  • His business, 18 months old.
  • working with usedvictoria.ca network
  • introduced other advertisers, other than google adwords
  • managing online advertising services
  • day trading model switching to highest impression service.
  • increased advertising sales by over %200
  • Boutique approach to online advertising optimization


  • Looking for feedback and thoughts on business