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  • review of products (Jay A's electronics podcast)
  • Kris' new idea based off
    • knowledge, control + independence being taken away from people - Kris C
    • sustainability
    • tinkering
    • independence

Rob W's autonomy project[edit]

  • autonomy
  • civil rights
  • freedom to take a personal risk
  • It's my life
  • What are rights vs privileges?
  • Gvmt removes our right to think?
    • no longer for endangerment cases; we'll decide when you can't think anymore
  • balance
  • licence to live
  • What are we trying to achieve in laws, as opposed to in people's minds
  • Instead of DNR, a do resuscitate (DR) order
  • WHI (witch hunt incorporated) - Rob T
  • What is our process when the economic model collapses
  • Daniel: An event of local stuff, creative and useful - showcases
  • Rob: Gorge has street happenings
  • Street asset map
  • Reskilling - You can teach other people
  • Localized shared resource