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  • open question, "What do you want to be doing in 5 years?"
  • talk about the movie Rambo - violence, gore, simulated rape

Main Presentation

  • Fieldstone community farm
  • To teach people with a developmental disability about organic farming and to assist in their self-actualization
  • staff
  • volunteers recruited from people living on limited and low income
  • farming is the topic
  • heritage Canadian seed exchanges
  • Victoria's seed saturday
  • steward a farm
  • steward a property bequeathed to The Land Conservancy, foundation etc.
  • therapeutic llamas
  • Fieldstone would use volunteers, many living on limited and low income, to work with developmentally challenged people to learn about organic farming, and improve their own lives by developing leadership and mentoring skills, as well as better nutrition with the produce they bring home
  • Richard Leblanc's organization offered synergy, but some question whether the two populations were a good fit
  • the reason many people do not volunteer is because they are not asked
  • Quality Of Life challenge has shown that if an inclusion policy is in place, people living on limited and low income are better able to volunteer (provide them with the resources and a welcoming atmosphere)
  • several related existing initiatives for different populations in the community discussed
  • there will be a fundraiser for Fieldstone Community Farm called Fieldstone Soup on March 6 at the Ambrosia Centre on Fisgard St. Local chefs will each prepare a course from local ingredients with samplings of local wine, beer & cider. Details are posted on Fieldstone Community Farm
  • Island Chefs Collaborative and its support of local farmers was discussed
  • discussed some of the issues that developmentally challenged people face, some of her common sense approaches she's used to help them to develop independence, and how these strategies have become the foundation for her current initiatives
  • member discussed his own experiences with using a rehabilitated drug addict (the good and the bad) and some of the ideas he has for skills development and employment
  • member asked if Fieldstone would consider doing other short term, simpler activities on several different farm sites until the resources have been gathered that meet the goals (question around insurance feasibility)

  • Discussed the process of fundraising dinners. Should we try to organize a regular one with different charities in mind?
  • Customer service - Why doesn't it exist? Is it worth any effort in trying to remediate?
  • ABS brake system - speaker is wondering if anyone is familiar with ABS brakes, as the pressure seems to be going, is it OK to disable?