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The hackerspace has now become it's own entity. Please check out the official Makerspace website

This page was created to start to define our requirements of a hackerspace, both individually, as well as a collective.


Wikipedia defines a hackspace as "a location where people with common interests, usually in computers, technology, or digital or electronic art can meet, socialise and/or collaborate." From discussion, our hackspace will be a shared workshop, allowing members access to space, equipment, and resources they would otherwise be unable to have.

What are you looking for in a hackerspace?[edit]

Please see the google spreadsheet here.

Defining your requirements:

  • Maximum you'd contribute
  • Square footage requirements
  • Any other requirements
  • Your expectations
  • Tools you can contribute

Creation | Legal[edit]

We will need to create an official organization to get this hackerspace off the ground, this is where we can define the details. We have discussed the merits and flaws of operating the hackerspace as a business and as a non-profit. The largest merit for operating as a non-profit comes from interacting with other entities such as civic and provincial governments. The largest merit for operating as a for-profit business comes from the limited liability a corporation provides to its staff.

We have also discussed some blending of the two, where the business entity rents the property while a non-profit entity owns the equipment. The opposite, where the non-profit entity rents the property while the business entity owns the equipment (and the liability from the equipment) may be beneficial for

KC reqs[edit]

  • Willing to contribute up to $200/month
  • Minimum 200sqft
  • Need to be able to bicycle within 10 minutes from downtown
  • Willing to share on fastest internet possible
  • I really only need deskspace, ideally for a 5 foot square desk
  • Willing to admin/manage space for financial leniency
  • Will donate complete ham radio setup
  • Will setup VoIP
  • Can do sysadmin for server(s)

JC reqs[edit]

  • Could donate $50/month, may be more
  • ~100 sqft
  • some for electronics, biology and fiberglass or chemistry work
  • bikeable from downtown
  • can lend an older frequency generator

Totals so far[edit]

  • 200sqft
  • $2400/year


Google spreadsheets for tracking requirements/tools/projects hackerspaces.org