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File transfer night.

Bring your laptop and/or external storage to swap files with other members. This can be software, video, audio etc. Individuals are responsible for ensuring they are only offering up legal files for downloading.


  • Most members are not so concerned with taking minutes, perhaps as an incentive to attend the meetings
  • Moving forward we will still meet weekly, but once a month we will organize a guest speaker
  • There is no sense in "wishing you'd done something differently" as the universe to you travels only on one path, there is no alternative
  • One member brought their macbook air, one brought their XO Laptop, and one member brought their eee PC from Asus. The macbook was extra expensive, very sharp and crisp screen, only one USB adapter, battery less than marketed, and many problems installing software to "make it useful". All 3 of these members have the XO laptop, it's cute, meant for children so the keyboard is very small and the computer doesn't look very serious. Screen is not that crisp/sharp, and because of cost (under $200) it's limited resources, although it does come with 3 USB ports and is actively being hacked by thousands. You can install any linux based software on it. Finally, the eee was the favourite of all, it is very small, yet powerful, and an amazing display. The owner uses it as a skype machine. It is colourful, intuitive, and also runs linux software.
  • Once you prioritize how you ant to be perceived by others, it's only a matter of time until you are.
  • There was a special $15 3 course meal this evening for [www.tourismvictoria.com/dine/ Dine around Victoria] so most of us participated. It turns out our meetings are also on 1/2 price wine by the glass which didn't hurt :)
  • Some members are aware of all social interactions and cognitively choose on all integrated actions (usually by those are borderline aspergers and have a hard time discerning social cues)
  • We discussed using fuel cell technology for home storage, as one member is actively working on a hydrogen powered sailboat, and one member is looking at energy options for his new home.