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  • Crowd-sourcing Kris' future round II
  • IdeaWave
  • From roughly 8-9p.m. I've invited Christopher Bowers, who will be offering at no cost his What's Gone Well Today program with our group. I went through the session last night with the official advisory board and thought this would be a fun exercise for our group to try.
  • Any updates on the DIY dryer?
  • DIY clothing dresser; RFID door opener? motion activated door slides? How would the ideal dresser look and function? Perhaps larger with a bar with hanger for suits like an armoire?
  • Update on ASC
  • Canadians for an awesome internet
  • We need an ideas meeting logo!
  • I got a convenient travel laptop, help me come up with a clever hack to replace the lit logo on it
  • Projector and screen for IdeaWave.
    • NS just offered hers: TDP S25 projector (Pdf) and a InFocus SC-PD-80 screen. Issues to resolve:
      • 3.3M is max projection distance and
      • The retractable screen has no brackets, so need a way to mount the 19.5lb screen
    • LM just scored one as well
    • Hotel to offer 6' screen at no cost
  • Personal DB project - KC


  • ctheory
  • RFID discussion - privacy implications,
  • places are watching uniqueness of phones while you're in a store instead of RFID
  • bluetooth: if it's on you can find it, even if not in discoverable mode
  • If you agree to a privacy policy of an org, they can run DPI on you
  • EFF tracks updated to privacy policy
  • How much would one person have to read in privacy policies for one year? contract? EULA? agreeement?
  • Open Media
  • Save Our Net

Designers are all for pay, we need to find entrepreneur type designers like we are for tech and business

Reverse what grocery stores do to us; log what we spend on groceries, and tell us week to week what each grocery is compared to last week; most expensive or cheaper? open receipt standard? qr code?