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  • crowd sourcing Kris' future
  • DIY clothes dryer (see Facebook discussion)
  • practicality of a privacy commons to simplify privacy statements on websites (for basic intro, see: http://www.christopher-parsons.com/blog/thoughts/thinking-about-a-privacy-commons/)
  • Fees
    • After 3 meetings to check us out, it should $5 per visit or $30/year social membership at the CP Lawn bowling club. With a social membership you are not permitted to bowl without a $5 usage fee, but can participate in all of the social activities including Ideas meetings.
    • Acknowledge Herb and Tyler for upgrading to Full membership ($150/year) in support of the club, and to encourage the continued usage of the clubhouse.


  • Ernie is setting up a* VOIP system. Kevin has done this & was able to provide a lot of useful information.
  • Facebook group for Ideas Meetings - suggests join this.

DIY Dryer[edit]

  • Brian discussion on DIY clothes dryer. Can we use pressurized air to create heat?
  • Current dryers - how do they work?
  • 2 kilos CO2 / load current tech. as per wikipedia.
  • Note: one fellow's coworker randomly moved decimal points & reversed pos/neg signs in wikipedia ariticles & some never yet updated.
  • maybe if more vacuum to reduce boiling pt. comparable to freeze dry food. Sublimation. Pumps and vessel rqts to lower pressure adequately. large container is part of the problem.
  • pulling the water out - creating vapor. spin first
  • creating the vacuum has comparable energy rqt to heat.
  • maybe create the vacuum in something like a sack instead of a rigid vessel - air pressure helps - 10 psi outside and lower in bag. Squeeze the water out.
    • medical membrane allows air but not water at back end to protect pump.
  • but - this method wouldn't really DRY the clothers.
  • air drying is slow. problem for kris is the stiffness. How to make it not stiff.
  • no wrinkles and stiffness problem, while focusing on a low energy requirement.
  • herb maybe constantly jiggling clothesline.
    • maybe hook to your car. Get pulled over & asked about driving erratically? Say just drying my clothes. & not really erratic - optimally calculated for laundry.
  • delicate cycle - no heat. takes longer but no heat.
    • again is a wait factor.
  • add a small amount of fabric softener - reduces need for ironing.
  • liquid CO2 - clean without requiring ANY dryering. But high energy rqt for the CO2.

what about improving dehumidification.

  • Peltier device for dehumidifier improvement? (Peltier device is an electronic solid state device that creates heat on one side & cold on the other - can use to produce electricity from a temperature gradient.)
  • keep the air heated by pull the water out some way as a side cycle.
    • maybe heat dessicant out again.
    • too much resistance to push humid thru the medical membrane.

maybe try to reclaim the heat out of a dryer. Use to heat house or stirling engine to turn tumbler.

chris mentions that hemp doesn't wrinkle very much.

Fun Encryption Story[edit]

  • Kris at conference w/CIPPIC. (This group - essentially a bunch of lawyers plus Kris for the technical side - they produced a white paper of DRM research.) (Note: Federal Privacy commissioners 2k6/7 50K deal.) The conference was CFP in Montreal. In elevator w/big white-bearded fellow. Going to party, Kris asked him for a ride. Rental GPS address industrial district. Get lost en route. Started talking crypto. Turned out that the fellow was Whit as in Whit Diffie. Lost in Montreal w/Whit Diffie! He is the 'D' in DH key exchange of PKI keys. Diffie-Hellman key exchange. Kris was still using PGP a lot. So he asked Whit if Whit would key exchange with Kris. Kris at that time had one of the top keys in Canada using a pseudonym. Surprisingly, DH says he doesn't use that technology anymore although he uses Mutt for email. But he finally agreed he would do it with Kris. Kris was going to send him the steps so he could do a key signing w/him.

Email Security[edit]

  • Kevin asked: what do people use for email security? Kevin used to use s-mime. He uses google apps - no good security yet available for google apps. Someone Kris knows knew a gnu hack. Smime for firefox. Gmail has support - add-ons - can turn on arbitrary, then an add-on to an add-on.
  • two factor authentication just released for google accounts - recommended that you use this.
  • CP - some folks are concerned about Google's two factor authentication from a privacy point of view. Are you willing to allow Google to have your phone number? Yes. "Do no evil" so what more do you want. If you don't care about the phone number then you can have authentication. Is worth the trade off.
  • Actual implementation - starts any time log into email or any google account. Will get asked for extra factor. But for other devices, can generate a one-time password for example for an account on a mobile device. Can use it for the intial setup. If interactively logging in, provides a one-time code - generated for you automatically. Still can use regular SMTP. Log in to gmail, say setting up a device, provides you one for this device. Log in - enter your challenge code. SMS or reload iPhone app.
  • similar tech was deployed on WoW a while back. Occasionally accounts hacked.
  • 10 codes - challenge codes. Store away some where. (email to yourself :) physical or maybe a tatoo. If forget, can provide to get password back. If you forget the codes, well, maybe you shouldn't be playing with this technology.
  • For google apps there is a support team. one fellow did get forum help.
  • sms problem in Android. Sometimes will send it to a totally diferent number than you intended. Jeff says - maybe is a stay in touch "feature".

Kris Naked Traveller presentation[edit]

Kris gave us a practice run of a speech/presentation he'll be giving tomorrow evening. 10 minute talk. no ppt. We all gave him lots of feedback.  :)

Canadian Internet Sovereignty[edit]

Kevin asked, related to the ongoing topic of net neutrality activism, what did anyone think about the ICE seizures?

ICE = U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This agency has been working with one or more US judges to seize domains in com net and org registries. They have been acting on anything that comes on the internet over the border into the U.S. which they believe is a violation of U.S. policies such as on copyright or inappropriate photos of children, etc. Essentially allowing "seize at border" law to be extended to seizing domain names.

Seems mostly to be a particular agent in charge of these - perhaps not a technically savvy guy. Fifth round of seizures now. Tube sites, streaming sports. Happened to a bunch of torrent sites, but they were up & running again in no time on .info.

Today a DNS providers domain that had 84,000 sites on it was seized. Person going to these sites would find a notice that it was seized for child porn. No trial, no due process.

1st: locate canadian compaies that were impacted. See if can find a lawyer - libel suits. 2nd: get CIRA (canadian internet registration authority). not just .ca. Federally mandated gov't body mandated to run canadian internet sites. CIRA is now holding a governance of the internet forum in the near future (next week). Maybe put together a well-worded stmt. Maybe would get discussed. Poss into Industry Canada. Threaten to create a single issue party to push this issue. It's a sovereignty issue. Set up mirrored root servers for Canadian ISPs? Discussion of best political strategy to get something through. If nec, reach out to Open Media. Steve Anderson if we have 5 people and maybe CIRA interested then he'd help. Verisign - should they really be a root signatory? Lisa says (tongue in cheek!) hey, we (Americans) built the internet, we should have the right to manage it. .ca was more expensive and restrictive to get a .ca. Was a hard-core fellow operator in UBC that made it difficult. BrokeP on twitter. DNS-sec has same pblm - need mass adoption in order to roll over to it. Canadians would deploy their own balkanized DNS servers. Timothy Wu and Jeff Goldsmith. series of national networks. National DNS servers. Ideally you would want failover to another country. ITU Lisa does not believe that the UN is a truly neutral body. ITU - are they part of the UN? Don't think so. Is some tie maybe. ICANN - how is that selected? ICANN overly dominated by the US. Now just a little bit better than special advisory. What is Canada doing to ensure its sovereignty on the internet?

CP suggests 3 issues for the experts group 1) DNS 2) audit the ISP 3) privacy

Kris's original: a) competitive b) reasonable c) secure

digitalpolicy.ca volunteered by Kevin

Canadians for a free soveriegn internet

like Jennifer Stoddard - literally setting precedent for the world.

Have the CRTC require ISPs to maintain DNS registris. Industry Canada regulates internet in Canada now, not CRTC. We are concerned about ICE siezures - 84,000 sites have been tarred with the brush of child pornography without any due process nor any trial. Is CIRA concerned about Canadian internet sovereignty? Patriot act was re-approved by Obama admin. was originally rebuffed in the senate. harder to revisit and change than let go forward with a brief workaround. kill switch pulled due to Egypt happening.

spending money on small frigates rather than worrrying about this policy issue on digital sovereighty.

we agreed to work on a statement and send it forward.

how make dns takeovers a political issue?

  • have a reporter bring it up. A few possible reporters suggested.

Set up a google group - one member "volunteered". Call it: "Internet Policy Canada"

jeff williams speaking at ideawave next week.


hackathon next Saturday at Board and Banker pub from 11 am to 5 pm details at OpenDataBC

Recommended Reading[edit]

Susan Landau - "Surveillance or Security: The Risks Posed by New Wiretapping Technologies"

Lawn Bowling[edit]

  • younger people not bowling as much
  • evening events - also wine tasting once a month. Need to show revenue.
  • after you have come here a few time it's time to contribute - either $5/shot. or be a member. $150 can come anytime, not just IdeasMeetings. $30 membership also an option. Very cost-effective if you come every week.
  • Lawn bowling is really fun. Kris showed us his...lawn-bowling balls....
  • three or four of us immediately signed up. We say "Thank you Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club!" & thank you to Herb & Tyler (& Ernie & Kris) for taking out full memberships.

crowd sourcing Kris' future[edit]

  • Chris suggested Kris be the CEO and top techie for a national privacy coalition group. We all agree. However Kris says this is a non-starter. He's tried to make it working on privacy issues, but it's not enough to stay afloat despite the fact that he's technical advisor for several non-profits and does a lot of other related privacy work.
  • Kris will probably have to get a day job like the rest of us working stiffs.



These minutes were taken at a VictoriaChapter ideas meeting