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As there was no agenda in advance, one member brought a copy of the Junto Questions which we went over.


  • The internet has created many pleasurable reading events, perhaps making this question obsolete
  • Interesting to see what questions still have value and which have been deprecated
  • housing/heating books as one member recently bought a house. Looking into wireless thermostats, is there anything more advanced/stable than x10?
  • hepatic interfaces - terminals which you read by feel
  • mobile computing - must look away from whatever else you are doing
  • Book Plasticity of the brain
  • upside-down glasses; apparently the brain adapts within an hour
  • XS Cargo has bluetooth headsets for $20 this week. What about attaching to your wrist, or behind the ear, or anywhere else with nerve endings. Then get a nearby computer to send text -> morse code (CW) to the device. How long until you can understand what is being sent? Can one get into a position where they can interpret several at once?
  • How many wpm does a person average for voice, braille, cw, typing, reading?


  • only dirty stories. No. Microsoft vs copyright.
  • Recent cocaine flights that go down, the suggestion they are CIA torture planes. Coincidence of parent company acronym "DBA".
  • medium is the message
  • blogs -> restrictions
  • media priorities
  • masses vs niche


  • Vehicle manufacturing plants
  • GM in Oshawa
  • Ford shut 3 today
  • Just-in-time model: no market for failover -- bottom-line vs worker
  • It's just business -- mortgage -> writeoff to bankrupcy
  • Once laid off, you realize people are not priority, the bottom-line is.
  • Reallocate to higher position
  • Keep the bottom 25% of your society working, or they will kill you and eat you.
  • Standard of living is relevant to your environment


  • Cheney - Halliburton & War
  • Blackwater
  • Belinda - Daddy's money (Magna)
  • Local techies with infectious greed


  • Venture capitalists
  • Get a good reference, it's all about reputation and who you know
  • Find the richest person you know, use their lawyer/billing



  • Intermporant


  • One member completed a month of alcohol detox. Value of temperance < heightened value of intemperance


  • Ephedrine hydrochloride


  • One mutual acquaintance going to Japan
  • One member heading to Edmonton next week to visit in-laws


  • Girls looking for servicing
  • City influence


  • Many people flying in for privacy and security conference


  • Cousin; RCSS is the same night


  • Copyright.
  • Dmitri Skylarov - DeCSS - better left unsaid?
  • <member with flailing arms> archery


  • Copyright.
  • Lawn bowling
  • US Patriot act
  • Liberty is evolving
  • Loss of liberty is because of stupid people in charge
  • All the time, I just don't give a shit. Everytime I watch the US news as well as the Canadian news.
  • Nit picking member is still at the table


  • negative action vs. positive action
  • What could be done so that everyone would care to elect smart people?
  • run by experts vs. political flack


  • sweet fuck all, you can do shit
  • rifle


  • member is a pimp


  • nothing wrong with it
  • public reputation is what matters
  • truth is more important
  • one member states they do not ever lie
  • social ties?
  • Every side has an out anyways
  • We ended the meeting here as it was only going downhill.