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The general manager of SPUD Vancouver Island will explain the SPUD program and answer our questions.


Main presentation[edit] - buy from local producers, provide delivery service

Other organizations mentioned: CityFarming Lifecycles - tree fruit project 1/3 to owner, 1/3 to org, 1/3 to charity

Carbon footprint available, goal is to become carbon neutral 10% by 2008

Each spud group is a separate incorporation -no plans on going public yet Looking at delivery franchises

Part of two coops Keating Farm Coop Values Chain Coop Long discussion ensues about Cooperatives and their business model

Discussion ensues about “chain of value” and how money flows back to the farmer to encourage farming on Vancouver Island

Questions raised about transparency of profit inside this business model and answered

Coop was working with “coop consultant” to setup. Group suggests looking at other coops to avoid common problems. Again it is noted that this group has already hired a consultant to do just that.

Discussion of values chain and example given of sheep farmers and processors

Group moderator mentions an interest in setting up IT for group in order to become part of value chain.

Discussion about profit margins on goods, growth opportunities, limitations to growth, affordablilty of foodstuffs offered. Discussion about lowering production costs on food.

Discussion about “what is organic”. Good looking group member raises question about the different classifications of goods “certified organic” “transitional organic” “non-certified organic”. is not interested in carrying non-organic(cally produced) food.

Discussion on meat as food (natural, locally produced) by a member with farming experience. Discussion of non-traditional meat sources and sale through

Discussion on the food inspection agency and locally produced meat.

Summary of

Guest leaves

Other discussion[edit]

  • QR codes could be used for food item nutritional information
  • Crannog ales
  • Why isn't there mutton bacon?
  • One of our members can't drive, it was suggested he join the cost-effective co-op, and hire a homeless person with a licence to drive him around, which would probably end up cheaper than taking a taxi, and thus creates some employment
  • Discussed how people determine the value of their time when calculating costs
  • History of Christmas
  • Confessions of a slacker was just given a million dollar budget to become a feature film
  • Movie: Ghost Dog
  • Aesop's fable have an interesting history, and are not the "child friendly cartoons they're made out to be"
  • The sin of onan is interpreted by oppressors as suggesting masturbation is evil, but it can easily be argued that is not the point of the story at all
  • draw jam -- blog
  • Project: pirate drive-in