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  • Order a beer
  • Update on the Ottawa YIS meeting
  • Discussion on the (non) convenience of financial institutions


  • I realize that I wasn't the last one to arrive and yet still took minutes...
  • steampunk workshop
  • Christian Science Monitor was recommended by a couple members
  • One of our members is a card carrying member of the "compassion club" where he gets medicinal marijuana. He mentioned how sativa is the more mentally stimulating strain of marijuana, yet indica is the type most users get "off the street".
  • wonder if THC could be a replacement for ridalin
  • discussion if we should be replacing marijuana with alcohol for legal purchase. Not many violent crimes committed by marijuana smokers.
  • anandamide
  • Hemp hearts are apparently great for lowing blood pressure, and if you have arthritis. If you're in Victoria, the hemp & clothing company sells them in a big yogurt container.
  • society is consensus
  • In Ontario, it was suggested that consensus is a lot more narrow due to density. The idea is that most people must do the same thing
  • If marijuana was legalized in Canada, Americans would cut off trade due to their "war on drugs"
  • We discussed proxy voting
  • We had a long talk about how not many projects are coming out of the society, because not good information is going in. We need to start clearly articulating our questions and discussion if we want better results.
  • Project: Research why does Halifax financially sustain from its recycling program when no other city in Canada does?
  • Project: We would like to make a hydrogen powered blimp.
  • How are you? No one cares, it is simply a social pleasantry
  • Edward Debono has a book on quantifying conversation