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  • List of skill sets
  • Scoring skills out of 100
  • Endorse others skill sets
  • Have a 3rd party identify your skill sets
  • Pizza triage
  • Interview sheet (list of skill sets)
  • Polling friends
  • Offer one to your community
  • What are you good at troubleshooting?
  • Victoria LETS
  • Victoria Community Asset Mapping
  • Integreen
  • double track the barter system, stay under $30k within a year each to avoid CRA GST requirements
  • Time banking
  • ELGG
  • KSA
  • The node is the skill instead of the person

spectrum wars, rights, and efficiency[edit]

Jay's (@unityblue) item: With discussion from Kris (@cqwww), Rob (@robwipond), Rob, Kevin, and Chris