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  • how much heat/energy can we get off human/animal waste?
  • 200 foot deep geothermal heated house on Vancouver street, what was the permit process to utilize aqueducts that deep?
  • While houses average $220 sq/ft, a guy in Metchosin built his house for $100 sq/ft and off the grid
  • 500sq/ft handles human compost
  • BCSEA ran the tour of energy efficient homes
  • Cobb house in North Saanich, a tour every 2nd Sunday
  • claw/stray/mud house
  • straw requires stucco on both sides with no gaps? As wet straw can ignote
  • differential power is coming
  • What is the difference of fuel, oil, electricity and wind?
  • What was it last year? 5 years ago?
  • A device that measures wind over time, like a power meter
  • Unlimited clothes line bylaws in Ontario in order to save power
  • storing geothermal heat using "sterling engine"
  • How to test optimal geothermal depth (dig to water source then test differential temperature)
  • What are the effects of multiple geothermal users; what is the impact of geothermal on its environment? (impacts on soil, water, the frostline)
  • "drake landing" near okotoks in Alberta using bore holes to store heat during summer and release during winter; How does this impact its environment? - unknown at this time
  • look up link at Vancouver street house that uses supposed non toxic glycol
  • $3500 grant from federal government along with proposed provincial grant
  • net metering in BC: sell at 5.4 cents and buy at 8 cents; different in Washington where one can sell at a profit
  • buy used photo voltaic cells in California where government is subsidizing cost and purchase to sell over border minus GST