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  • Large sign printing suitable for a billboard (or in pieces)
  • BC Green Party AGM
  • Peninsula Co-op Election
  • Time lapse map of diminishing peninsula farmland
  • Where is our equivalent of NRA?
  • Possible FOI re ALPR - draft? Contact Info. Commiss., too?
  • Electric or air powered roto-tiller
  • Virtual IdeaWave
  • iPhone stalking
  • ComodoGate
  • Why shouldn't companies sell personal information?


11 members (4 of them guests)

  • ALPR - Let's do an FOI request and see what data they have, and what they're doing with the data
    • Hit vs non-hit data
    • What applications are using it? Local LD? RCMP? Homeland security? private sector? Other orgs?
    • Is it a modular based system?
    • Purchase order/receipt
    • "This is how we plan to use the system" (part of the RFP)
    • What is the criteria for VicPD to pass from a test system
    • What is the criteria to be hot data? Which DBs is it sync with? Information sharing agreements?
    • Classifications of hit data/How many plates form the hit data list?
    • Are there audits to ensure inappropriate access doesn't happen?
    • What is expected growth of this system?
    • How many non-hit plates have been stored in general?
    • Has non-hit data ever been used in court?
    • Who can access hit and non-hit data?
    • How many plates are scanned in a day?
    • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Rob: Ministries claiming PharmaNet data in a database isn't a record, it's only a record when it leaves a DB into something, like a spreadsheet.
  • Definition of "Record" from FOIPP: "record" includes books, documents, maps, drawings, photographs, letters, vouchers, papers and any other thing on which information is recorded or stored by graphic, electronic, mechanical or other means, but does not include a computer program or any other mechanism that produces records;

  • IdeaWave virtual to launch in a few weeks

  • Comodogate
    • Kevin's site
    • Either EFF was wrong, or Microsoft is not patched!
    • Kevin working with Dan Kaminsky (@dakami)
    • Google has not done any public/press release about this!

  • Where is the Canadian version of the NRA?
  • iPhone hack
    • Stored unencrypted on your phone and cell
    • Kevin has over 60,000 MAC addresses and geo-location data of those MACs!
    • cell location: timestamp, lat and long, vert, speed, course, confidence, primary key
  • Lawn bowling club MAC: CREATE TABLE WifiLocation (MAC TEXT, Timestamp FLOAT, Latitude FLOAT, Longitude FLOAT, HorizontalAccuracy FLOAT, Altitude FLOAT, VerticalAccuracy FLOAT, Speed FLOAT, Course FLOAT, Confidence INTEGER, PRIMARY KEY (MAC));0:16:1:f4:82:66|322628506.246397|48.42065298|-123.36552011|208.0|0.0|-1.0|-1.0|-1.0|50
  • Google map of this location

  • Wifi in schools
  • Peanut butter in schools
    • Lack of scientific evidence that is valid
  • What makes people crazy?
  • Is there a way to remember all of the steps you've taken on a VPS, so when you need to clone/reset it you don't have to do a full install again?

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