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People to invite to continue discussions from last week:

  • those familiar with books/publishing
  • those familiar with the land act/pre-emption/homesteading


  • Annual Membership dues due within 2 weeks. If you've been more than 3x, you need to be a member. $30/social, $150/full. Do full if you can afford it.
  • City may be after the club again what do we do, and some dude said we're "an elite few" (KM) http://www.timescolonist.com/news/City+agencies+fear+break/6459556/story.html
  • ASC VII awesomites - bring $50. (KC)
  • Homesteading/preemption (KC)
  • Seasteading (JC)
  • The perfect RV (KC)
  • Phonegap.com (KC)
  • What would you buy if you could buy anything but could not resell it. Cost is no object. Why? (KM)
  • SSH agent forwarding, anyone done it with smart cards? (KM)
  • Doctorow Article on Domain Seizures (and why its wrong) http://t.co/PZj5TcC3 (KM)
  • CISPA and real cybersecurity http://openmedia.ca/blog/eff-teams-openmediaca-and-others-launch-stop-cyber-spying-week (KM)
  • a project idea re: the history and experiences of places (Fergus)
  • Is there a common thread for idealism? (KC)
  • GPG/P2P Social Network (KM)
  • Priv.Ly, the Patent Pending open source kickstarter project. (KM)
  • The federal "Conservative" party of Canada are not being conservative. Perhaps we should be calling them something else, referencing the appropriate political system they are operating, kinda like how we now refer to the "corporate media". Is authoritarian or totalitarian too strong/loaded, or appropriate?
  • What's wrong with crypto cats / Idea for a usably-secure encryption device, hint not an iOS app. (KM)


Attending: Kris, Chris, Kevin, Lorne, Lisa, Fergus, Ernie, Megan (skype), Vanessa

  • The club is zoned commercial, the city doesn't have any actual zoned parks. If we were a park, we wouldn't need this commercial zone 'tax break'. We pay +$10k/year out of our own pockets to maintain the green. All citizens are welcome.
  • Are all city councillors aware there are no zoned parks?
  • June 25th - community consultation on community action plan for Victoria
  • Victoria & Vic West are in designated city parks?
  • Cridge Park Rescue Group
  • Burnside is still owed park space
  • All all of the neighbourhood associations aware there is no zoned parks their neighbourhood?
  • Agenda setting
  • Awesome Shit Club
  • A high score board -- Minimum $50 to be an awesomite
  • Peter Theil's seasteading
  • Floating community in Vancouver
  • Bioshock game
  • Seattle floating homes
  • Kirabati (pronounced Kirobas)
  • Life on a carrier
  • Aquaponics
  • Airstream trailer
  • Make sure your RV is winterized
  • How long can your RV survive off the grid?
  • Westfalia
  • Vanagon
  • No RV has laundry
  • Security? Big angry dog stands out more than firearms
  • Where can you park your RV?
  • Timeshare campgrounds
  • See if Joe from phonegap.com can coem next Wednesday?
  • OpenSC
  • Aventra
  • Cory Doctoria Guardian article is 1) factually incorrect (.org innocence) 2) who would honestly allow someone to flip sides within a year and run the organization? (MPAA goon; would you trust a pedophile to teach 3rd grade? shell to run Suzuki foundation?)
  • Why did Verisign and or PIR not challenge the ICE seizures?
  • Canada withdrew from ICANN due to the illegitimacy of Verisgn's control of gTLDs
  • CISPA, the new repackaged SOPA/PIPA "want to be able to spy on any company in America... to protect it!"
  • If it saves one life, who can argument? The Canadian public doesn't want to accept that real democracy can be messy; human lives have a value, human rights have a value.
  • Canadians only argue for democracy when your face is in the carpet with a firearm; and when the public hears that, assumed you've done something wrong
  • Madrid declaration - A series of principals that one can get behind
  • In Red Cross, privacy advocates are called emergency workers
  • A desire to protect community - resonates in idealism
  • BRCA2
  • RNA interference to get rid of that gene's expression? Ethics!
  • Normative of eugenics
  • Baby sex selection ad targets Indo-Canadians
  • Fascism
  • Harper has excised every evidence of parliamentary system
  • All science discourse? through Harper
  • Parliamentary committees are all in camera
  • Harper has attacked the Senate, attacked the courts
  • We want proportional representation!
  • When your government legalizes corruption, it's not corruption!