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  • From a landlord perspective, it's worth researching if month to month is worse than short term leases in terms of notices to vacate
  • When you're confrontational, people stop talking to you, as well as listening to you
  • It's not about winning. If your point of view is different, the direct approach doesn't work
  • What is the goal in discussion? Is it to win? You might get exactly what you expected, or not at all what you expected.
  • The best solution is to make the other person's will yours
  • Nothing to do with winning or losing
  • You want to frame your opinion as your opinion
  • Compromise is another way of (members differed):
  1. losing half
  2. gaining all
  • In the glass is half full analogy, the engineer sees the glass as twice as tall as it needs to be
  • People expect you to be confrontational if you're on a stage
  • Chocolate rain