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  • Discussion of English political debates yesterday
  • Projects from last meeting (ALPR)
  • Victoria's community calendar
  • Makerspace promotion ideas
  • Home automation
  • Powered bike trailer

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1) Kurt

2) Ryan

3) Ernie

4) Kris

5) Fabian (skype)

6) Lisa (skype)

7) Kevin

8) Chris

9) Herb

10) Derek (skype)


  • Kris already had a dubious experience with the VPS service he was trying.
  • Ernie talking about home automation questions. Kris may have some useful knowledge from being the Nortel Home Automation club president.
  • Fabian - how about a 3D model - spy movie animation.
  • Kurt setting up a webcam for the ALPR discussion

Discussion of English political debates yesterday[edit]

  • Everyone decided to vote Bloc next year. (Joke)
  • Police say need Harper...but crime has gone down in the last couple of years.
  • michealgeist.ca - if reelected w/i next 100 days he'll impose a surveillence state. A campaign promise.
  • Fear-based agenda.
  • Discussion about how coalition governments function. Also could have a liberal minority gov't with support of some one other party. Not the same as a coalition.
  • After the last election Harper got the support of xxx.
  • Last time Harper lost the confidence of the house, Harper went to the governor-general and xxx
  • Prorouge the house. (Have 'em go away until they can come back and make nice)

3 choices _ priorougt, call another election, or appoint another party.

  • Harper making it sound like a coalition vs a confidence motion.
  • Could be a liberal gov't w/support of NDP rather than a coaltion gov't.
    • primary diff is? Who all gets appointed to cabinet? NDP would get some kind of rights via some contract.
  • ShitHarper - went down today
  • Unrest
  • Folks discussed how to decide for whom to vote. Party vs. person. Strategies. Whether and how to donate money.
  • Question of MPs that have strong enough principles to maybe switch parties if necessary.
  • What do they think of electoral reform as a litmus test question.
  • One fellow found that the senators did listen and accept a suggestion from him when he bothered to go all the way to Ottawa to make it. Senate costs taxpayers $9e6/yr. House of Commons mostly about getting in its sound-bites.
  • Nolan report - Justice Taliano in Ontario. Struck down a couple of provisions. References the Nolan report. An effort of the Senate.

Projects from last meeting (ALPR)[edit]

  • Privacy Commission okayed a three-month trial, but this is already not good.
  • Oak Bay - 10 risk points, Esquimalt at night + 10 risk points.
  • Scenarios via Google Maps - demo of project to show that three months of data could constitute a huge invasion of privacy.
  • Violent crime in Japan - GPS driving can route you around the bad areas. But does then stereotype those areas.
  • polymaps
  • DEMO

Victoria's community calendar[edit]

  • go to ideas meetings then victoria chapter.
  • Kris changed it from a calendar format to an agenda format.
  • Has given a few other people edit access with some guidelines. Events should be:
    • victoria-based,
    • non-profit,
    • community-based. (ie not a conference)

e.g. 4square day on Saturday, babes go bare head-shaving... also calendar can now be embedded in more places.


  • Kris shmoozed a BC Transit fellow & might get the opportunity to present a business case for opening BC transit data.
  • survey of heatmaps
  • Victoria just collecting this sort of data. Want to make it open data. Herb following this.
  • Kevin talked about a website crimemap

Makerspace promotion ideas[edit]

  • Lisa thinks maybe Kris could hook Derek up with his CBC reporter connection.
  • Kris will redo the makerspace.ca website. Members only drupal, public facing on wordpress. (Kris worked at the site last weekend & made a shelf. Was very satisfying.)
  • Lisa hasn't heard back from Tyler B. Tyler did email Kris about posting ASC.
  • Derek will make a video. Kris suggests a local videographer - maybe trade 1 month membership for her working on a video. Nicole.
  • Need list of upcoming classes to lure participants.
  • Kris contacted John Adair about all-grain brewing for teaching as his own recent experience is skimpy.
  • Makerbot class can happen soon per Derek.
  • Derek found old info from Tyler, sent to Kris & Lisa. (Does not include T's dreamhost access)
    • Kris will take fist cut on making changes then let Lisa also have access.
  • Derek just finished building a quadcopter. Could teach about it. But components are expensive. $300 in parts. Could build one collectively.
  • Derek using sparkfun sensor.
  • Kris got to do quadcopter fighting with some commercial ones at CANSECWEST.
  • What is the space? collection of everyone's fun tools plus some more that have been purchased. Two garage bays. One is the office - has computer, makerbot, laser cutter. The other has the woodworking and other messy tools. Vinyl cutter.
  • How to participate? Unlimited monthly use keyholder $100, Unlimited monthly use with a keyholder present $50 (6 months min), day passes $25 or $20 can't remember which.
  • Electronics classes. PHP classes if enough interest. Brain machine.
  • Ian's soldering class went great. (He's actually a professional solderer!)
  • Tyler R. just brought an oscilliscope so could do an electronics test bench class.
  • jtag use -
  • Kevin would like to see java dev eg Kurt. Kevin could show PHP dev.
  • Kevin got to test drive Kris's brain machine. Kris described it again - see earlier minutes for the full description as we've done this before.


  • 15 or 16 people in the pot chipping in $50 each. Room for 4-5 more awesomites.
  • doors open for submissions. Go to asc


  • Chris P. says Wordpress was hacked. Recommend everyone using this in any way (incl. AOL, TED) should change passwords asap. Techcrunch.

Home automation[edit]

  • Ernie asking - Anyone know any good ones?
  • Perhaps not quite ready for prime time yet at the entry level
  • X10 is the existing entry-level spec. Derek's had more luck w/RS45 serial port driver but required specialized h/w.
    • both Kris & Derek have some of the X10 components. E.g. firecracker set. Light switches to dimmers.
    • Kris had some good past experiences with X10. $200 can do whole house. Fun for simple things - not for security. Lights&stereo on/off.
    • Derek had problems. Fridge on/off would confuse his lights. Changed channels & eliminated that problem. But plugging things in would affect other things.
  • Control4 - even more expensive and possibly also higher quality.
  • misterhouse PERL demo from a while ago. Serial port for X10.
  • Ubertooth Kris says is coming out soon & will change the bluetooth landscape. Kevin talked about scanning for bluetooth mac addresses.
  • istumbler - on airport. Kris found a local n/w of a high profile individual, but at least they had WEP.
  • bluetooth is very hackable. Not recommended for home security.
    • Kevin showed some bluetooth specifics.
  • some discussion about googling and finding folks home security cameras, poor password protection on security cameras, etc. by Kevin and Chris P.

Powered bike trailer[edit]

  • Kurt has a friend who is a farmer who had to buy a car to haul things, wonders if there is an alternative.
  • Kris also curious about bicycle rules. Must be human-powered to avoid motor vehicle act. Electric bikes CAN be so compliant. Trailer would need same workaround. also need governed speed max of 32kph.
  • Kevin would need some feedback control.
  • Other folks brainstormed considerations and suggestions.
  • Segways are banned most places in BC - not human-powered
  • Disabled folks can use scooters most everywhere.

For Next Week[edit]

  • we will try videoconferencing software found by Fabian; everyone should try downloading the client from:


  • Also, Lisa signed up for a Skype subscription that will allow group video conferencing. However everyone on the call must have Skype 5.0 or higher running.