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As it appears there have been no meetings recently, there have. Just no one is stepping up to the plate to take minutes. As such, I will at least try to summarize the meetings so you get a sense of what the meeting was about.

  • We followed green drinks
  • Talked about emergency preparedness again.

What type of emergencies are you, or should you be prepared for? Under the current climate the biggest fear is an economic/social emergency. One member is talking about building an emergency kit and storing it under water, near a remote island we could sail to

  • Discussed a few of us taking sailing lessons and buying a communal sailboat
  • We are going to try a 10-mile diet, based off the 100-mile diet idea.
  • We discussed going vertical instead of horizontally because we have small properties. Perhaps eavesdrop fed tubes.
  • We should meet with Compost BC and get their feedback
  • One guest is starting a sensor company, he will work with a few of our members next week to test his accelerometer device
  • One guest is visiting with the National museum conference